The right kind of immigration

Clayton Mitchell
New Zealand First MP

Next to housing, immigration is one of the biggest issues New Zealand faces these days. Immigration is important for our community, for our economy and for our country’s growth.

When immigration is managed well, it will enhance the country and contribute to the prosperity of our economy. In order to benefit from immigration and for immigrants to benefit from living and working here, our social and economic systems have to be able to sustain newcomers.

Here in New Zealand, we need people with extremely high skill sets to enhance our country. We need scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs – people of superior intellect who, through their unique knowledge, will help propel New Zealand forward in research and development.

Low-to-medium skilled industries need to be filled with our Kiwi people – those who are currently on jobseekers benefit, those who leave school with no career paths in mind or those who want a career change.

So why can’t train and develop our own? Are our people not worth investing in?

This government will again invest in the future of work for New Zealanders by bringing back trade training programmes and apprenticeships.

We have people and we have  work available. We need to start investing in our people to fill those roles, which in turn will help fix other social issues in our country.


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