Top honours for taking tourism to the next level

Kristin Dunne
Tourism Bay of Plenty

Hard work pays off.

Tourism Bay of Plenty is the proud recipient of the first-ever Regional Tourism New Zealand Supreme Award.


This is extra special, as it was created to recognise the significant results we have achieved in the last 12 months.


Our vision and determination to take tourism in our wonderful Coastal Bay of Plenty to the next level by implementing destination management means we are the “stand out” Regional Tourism Organisation.


It’s certainly been a team effort to have our bold vision come to fruition.


It’s a testament to the progressive and passionate Board and Councils who recognised the potential this region has and the significant role we play in assisting its development – such as Tauranga City Council awarding a $620,000 annual increase over 10 years as part of its Long Term Plan.


I believe such recognition instils regional confidence in our 10-year strategy. Through this additional funding, we are implementing our Visitor Economy Strategy 2018-202 8to grow tourism in the region to $1.45b by 2028. It also means we are an exemplar within the sector and will assist many other regions who are embarking on a move to destination management.


Most importantly, we are growing tourism to the benefit of the local community. This is why we connected with you, the community, along the way to look for long-term solutions to manage tourism in a sustainable way.


We have a collective responsibility to protect and enhance the environment, so we can continue to love where we live while enjoying the economic benefits that tourism brings.

Destination management is undoubtedly the way forward, and we take pleasure in being at the forefront of this movement in New Zealand.


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