Time to reflect

Straight from city council
A personal view,
by Councillor Steve Morris

With our fellow Kiwis laid to rest and the national day of remembrance behind us, it’s time to reflect on the road ahead for New Zealand.

Not since the Second World War have Kiwis been so united. With one voice we condemned terrorism, put our differences aside and embraced one another. This unity has made us stronger and we need to seal these gains and pass them to the next generation.

Ahead there are some hard questions to be asked about our attitudes toward each other and the world we live in, but I get the sense New Zealanders are open to frank conversations and change.

We should ignore those who diminish the tragedy by using it to make cheap political points. We should continue our wariness of race-baiting and those who divide us along racial lines. The role of social media in extremism shouldn’t be overlooked.

I’m not much of a Facebook user, but I know it’s become more than a place to share with family and friends. An analogy was given to me last week: In every village there’s always been a ‘village idiot’. Before the internet, the right-thinking majority in the community would keep that idiot in check. Now, village idiots from around the globe can seek each other out in their own virtual community full of idiots.

Let’s remember the kindness we showed each other last week; we can disagree, but we shouldn’t be disagreeable, and we certainly can’t leave any place for hate.


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