I won’t stand for Mayor this election

Straight from city council
A personal view,
by Councillor Steve Morris

It’s easy to be cynical in an era of fake news and spin. In modern politics, style seems to trump substance and words speak louder than actions. It’s rare to find the genuine article but I believe we’ve got one in Tauranga; someone who’s in politics for the right reasons.

Almost without exception, the politicians I’ve met are more generous with other people’s money than they are with their own. Greg Brownless is different. He’s got a reputation for being disciplined and even miserly with ratepayer money, much to the frustration of some ‘spenders’ on Council, but he’s generous with his own.

Greg single-handedly built a large and successful funeral business but in his late forties, after volunteering to retrieve and repatriate the remains of victims of the boxing day tsunami, something changed. He decided that the accumulation of personal wealth wasn’t the driving force in his life and gifted his business to the community by establishing Legacy Trust. Since then, he’s donated over $3.1m to the Tauranga community. Quietly spoken, he’s committed to our community through his actions.

When elected, Greg’s inherited some poorly executed projects, but he’s ensured Council learns from its mistakes and that they are reported openly; not buried in a spreadsheet somewhere. He’s faced criticism from some political opportunists as a result, but it’s called transparency. He’s ensured accountability too by leading the recruitment of a new Chief Executive. Greg’s the right person for the right reasons for Mayor. That’s why he has my vote.


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