The need for an underpass

Simon Bridges
National Party Leader

I am receiving lots of feedback from concerned people about the underpass that’s being demolished underneath the Baypark to Bayfair Link.

People are justifiably angry that public safety is at risk. We absolutely need a pedestrian underpass at this junction.

I am shocked that the current Labour-led Government has abandoned the underpass preferring to have pedestrians cross a major multi-lane highway.

I started the Baypark to Bayfair project when I was the Minister of Transport under the National Government. Just nine months ago, the Government made an announcement that the project would have the underpass, now it’s backtracking due to lack of funding.

Their transport budget is swallowed up by their extravagant pre-election promise of light rail. It goes to show what a mess Labour has made of the transport fund.

The current underpass is used extensively by locals including school students, people on mobility scooters and retirees who live at the nearby retirement village. To have them cross with the traffic is unsafe.

The project was designed to improve traffic flow. How can this happen if motorists have to wait at traffic lights for pedestrians to cross?

The Labour Government is slashing the State Highway budget by $5 billion over the next decade and this is just another consequence of that policy.

Highways that were progressing under National have either been cancelled or pushed back until the 2030s.

Labour’s ill-thought-through transport projects will put public safety at risk in our region.


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