The AIMS Games a great success!

Clayton Mitchell
New Zealand First MP

I am very pleased with the result of lasts week’s 2019 AIMS Games. It was amazing to see more than 11,500 young athletes descend on Tauranga to participate in such a positive and lively event.

Sports is such a key contributor to the vitality of any community or culture. The AIMS Games was an excellent example of how these sorts of competitions can bring people together to build connections, get active and to grow in sportsmanship. Events aimed at the intermediate age group are highly important as they offer a great environment for kids to develop in their character, teamwork and perseverance. It was exciting not only to have students involved, but seeing parents showing interest and actively participating was quite encouraging.

The sudden influx of visitors further brought to light the limitations of our city’s infrastructure. With so many people flooding our city at once, we were bursting at the seams. Our accommodation was at full capacity leaving attendees scrambling to find alternative lodging. Our roads showed their insufficiency as traffic was especially congested throughout the duration of the Games.

Events such as the AIMS Games foreshadow just how overstretched our infrastructure capacity will become if we do not keep up with the growth that Tauranga is experiencing. We need to pave the way for the future and get things moving now!


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