The Mayoral Candidates – Revealed! Part two

Winston Watusi
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It’s time for Part Two of The Great 2019 Mayoral Music Survey.

The first four respondents featured last week (see They were: Kelvin Clout, John Robson, Tenby Powell and Andrew Hollis.

Here are the final five. One candidate was unresponsive.

Some submitted brief concise answers. Others, not so much. Candidate RangiMarie Kingi (aka Lady Justice) answered twice and at considerable length and has therefore had her answers condensed. Candidate Les Wallen mentioned that these are: “Hard questions for a non-musical person”. Fair enough. Music is naught but a distant distraction when your priority is a serious sorting out of Tauranga governance and traffic congestion.

As per last week we have made no comments, despite extreme temptation. But it is heartening to observe common ground emerging, even as a bruising ballot box battle looms: no fewer than three candidates have now chosen Fleetwood Mac’s Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow as their campaign song, the same song that ushered Bill Clinton into the US presidency in 1992.

At the Watusi Country Club we thank the candidates for fronting up for what has been a surprisingly revealing questionnaire. Good luck to you all!

1) If you had a campaign song, what would it be?

Christopher Stokes: Poi e by Dalvanius.
RangiMarie Kingi / Lady Justice: If I became the Mayor, more music and more concerts to celebrate local and international music and more international and local concerts would be my vision. My vision for Tauranga is an ultimate night clubbing area here also because of my love for dance music.
Greg Brownless: Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow by Fleetwood Mac.
Jos Nagels: Don’t Stop...thinking about tomorrow ... by Fleetwood Mac.
Les Wallen: I don’t know.

2) What is your favourite song or piece of music?

CS: A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square by Vera Lynn.
RK / LJ: I love too much varieties of music to have to be limited to choose one favourite  Sorry!
GB: Nessun Dorma as sung by Pavarotti and others.
JN: The Ave Maria (beautifully sung).
LW: Green Beret’s movie theme.

3) What is the greatest musical performance you have personally witnessed?

CS: Missy Elliot.
RK / LJ: One of the greatest performances that influences me is Tina Turner Simply the Best, others are Prince, Cher, hip hop pioneers, Bob Marley, and Jimmy Cliffs - Reggae Nights. Today Beyonce and her Destinys Child Divas, Celine Dion, Etta James & Aretha Franklin.
On the local front - Herbs, Stan Walker, I think because the Maori people remain oppressed, the music is not evolving like it should as yet here to match USA and other countries.
GB: Les Miserables performed by Tauranga Musical Theatre way back when...
JN: Recently... was The Manfreds - their outstanding concert at Baycourt.
LW: Andre Rieu.

4) If you could have any artist/ensemble/etc perform for your birthday, who would it be?

CS: Andrea Bocelli.
RK / LJ: I would like Stan Walker to sing to me locally at my birthday or for a mayoral campaign surprise.
GB: Andrea Bocelli.
JN: There are so many good groups... Mona Lisa Twins.
LW: No idea.


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