State Highway stranglehold

Straight from city council
A personal view,
by Councillor Steve Morris

As a kid, I admired Peter Blake’s round-the-world sailing. Every crewman was focussed on ‘making the boat go faster’. Each guy pulled his weight and then some; it’s called synergy. The sum of the team is greater than its individual parts.

A city needs many players to be successful; residents, business, Council, Government, and philanthropists to name a few. However, unlike Steinlager 2, the Government crewmember on Tauranga’s ‘boat’ is overweight, indecisive and ultimately expects others to do his work for him.

Government is forcing Tauranga down the path of unconstrained growth and refuses to pay its share. We’re surrounded and strangled by inadequate State Highways; the key word there is ‘State’. SH2, 29, 29A, as national roads must be funded by the national taxpayer, not the ratepayer.

Government has been so indecisive with SH29 that Council ratepayers funded investigations into the Tauriko bypass. Contrary to its own aims, Government’s dithering is keeping a huge new subdivision with thousands of homes from the market.

Construction of the four-lane TNL on SH2 was due to start in October 2017, but was cancelled and now we’re told it will start later this year; maybe. The delayed TNL shelved plans for hundreds more homes in an adjoining subdivision.

The Papamoa East Interchange on SH2, unlocking thousands more homes to fulfil Government’s growth agenda, has been delayed and they expect Council to pay the $100m bill for this ‘State’ Highway work but they will be tolling it! If Government forces growth and congestion upon residents then Government must pay.


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