Positive steps in gender pay

Jan Tinetti
Labour MP

On March 30, 2021, New Zealand received some confirmation that what we are doing for women is working. The World Economic Forum released its 2021 Global Gender Gap Report, analysing the gender equality gap for 156 countries across four indicators: economic participation and opportunity; educational attainment; health and survival; and political attainment.

I am pleased to report New Zealand has moved from sixth place in 2020 to fourth place in 2021, just behind Iceland, Norway, and Finland.

This report highlights the success of New Zealand’s work on closing the gender pay gap, increased women’s participation in the labour market and parliament (now 48 per cent), and our share of women in professional and technical roles.

With the Gender Pay Gap Action Plan, we’ve delivered the biggest drop in the public service gender pay gap in 17 years, it’s now 9.6 per cent - the lowest ever recorded.

We’ve passed the Equal Pay Amendment Act to make sure women are paid fairly.

We have reached our target of 50 per cent women in public sector boards and committees, and 53 per cent in public sector senior leadership roles.

We’ve also increased the paid parental leave from 22 to 26 weeks and the amount of paid parental leave by $20 per week, introduced leave for people who are grieving a miscarriage or stillborn baby, and introduced domestic violence leave.

This is welcome progress and shows this Government is delivering for women. Under Labour, New Zealand has made significant progress for women. 


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