Vaccination rollout continues

Angie Warren-Clark
Labour MP

 We’ve stamped out Covid before, and by sticking together and sticking to the rules, we can do it again.

Together, we are stronger than the virus. The simplest thing New Zealanders can do to stop the spread of this virus is to stay at home and follow alert level rules.

Comprehensive information about what each alert level means for you and your family can be found at:

There’s some welcome news for those of us living close to the beach – we can go fishing from the shore. Remember though, surfing and boating is still out. Enjoy our beaches but don’t put yourself in a situation where you need rescuing.  

Some reminders: if you’re waiting for a test result or are a contact of a case, you must stay home until you have the results. Going hard and early to stop the virus is especially important now that we’re dealing with the more infectious Delta variant.

Our vaccine rollout is a key part of our Covid response, and vaccinations are continuing safely at alert level three. You can book your vaccine now at:, or by calling: 0800 28 29 26.

Recently me and my husband went to Baypark to get our first vaccinations. The service was great – friendly essential workers helped to keep us all moving before a short wait, and the injection really was painless!

Finally, I’m so grateful to all of our essential workers who are making sure we can safely get what we need, when we need it.  Please remember to be kind and respectful to our essential workers. They are New Zealand’s unsung heroes.


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