Supporting our women and girls impacted By Covid-19

Jan Tinetti
Labour MP

I’m delighted to be the Minister for Women, leading work to support women and girls to thrive across New Zealand.

Unfortunately, we know they’ve been particularly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and that’s true for women and girls around the world too.

So it was a privilege to chair APEC’s Women and the Economy Forum this weekend.

New Zealand hosted this year and it was our turn to lead the annual forum, which invited all of APEC’s 21 economies to discuss our collective goals across the region.

We met virtually (and across many times zones!) to share ideas on how to build back better for women and girls across the Asia and Pacific economic region, which is home to 2.9 billion people.

Lockdowns have a huge impact on women as they deal with a drop in working hours or job losses, step-up to spend more time caring for their families and, unfortunately, also face an increase in domestic violence.

We told the group about the $2 million Covid-19 community fund our Government has set up to quickly reach vulnerable women and children who aren’t getting any other government support.

I hear about so many women who look after their family first and put themselves last, regularly going without food so their children have enough to eat and this fund supports some of those vulnerable communities.

Last year, we set up a similar programme which provided funding to 155 largely volunteer organisations and supported more than 10,000 women and children, and I’m confident this year’s fund will have the same success.

We’re looking to the future too.

I’m thrilled to be leading the Women’s Employment Action Plan which will look at how we can remove barriers and support women into training and employment, including helping women into business and entrepreneurship and offering more work flexibility and childcare options.

New Zealand has always been forward thinking when it comes to championing the rights of women and girls and we challenge ourselves to be world leaders as we continue this legacy.

Our Covid-19 Response

It’s really heartening to see the people of Tauranga following the Covid-19 Level 2 rules with mask wearing and scanning-in wherever we go. It’s been a great team effort.

We’ve stamped out Covid before and, by sticking together and sticking to the rules, we can do it again. Together, we are stronger than the virus.

Our vaccine rollout continues to be a key part of our Covid response, and vaccinations are continuing safely at all alert levels.

Everyone aged 12 and over can book theirs now at or by calling 0800 28 29 26. If you haven’t already got your first vaccine, don’t delay, get vaccinated.

Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from Covid.


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