Sirens are go

Straight from city council A personal view, by Councillor Steve Morris I’m excited to tell you about council-approved funding for tsunami/civil defence sirens in the Mount and Papamoa next year. Funding is available for...... Read More

Villach 1985 and Climate Change

Weather Eye with John Maunder Among the many climate science meetings I've attended, the most significant – at least in terms of climate change is concerned – was my involvement in the UN-sponsored International...... Read More

New old museum for Tauranga

Brian Rogers Rogers Rabbits You’re welcome to sniff our ropey old relics We’ve solved the apparent problem of Tauranga not having a museum. We’re opening our own. The Sun’s new...... Read More

Tauranga May Rainfalls 1898-2018

Weather Eye with John Maunder Apart from the exceptional rainfall of 634 mm in May 2005, the graph shows a small decrease in overall May rainfalls over the last 120 years when two recent adjacent 50-year periods are compared. The...... Read More

Jacinderella and the glass ceiling

Brian Rogers Rogers Rabbits Once upon a time in a dysfunctional kingdom, there lived a humble public servant girl  named Jacinderella. She worked in a Beehive with her ugly step-sisters, Greenella...... Read More

Tropospheric Temperatures 1979 to April 2018

Weather Eye with John Maunder The chart below shows that since 1979, when reliable satellite observations became available, there has been little overall trend in the average tropospheric temperatures, apart from milder/warmer temperatures...... Read More

Real solutions to world issues

Brian Rogers Rogers Rabbits There are so many important issues facing the world today.  Famine. Climate. Terrorism. Overpopulation. Plastic  shopping bags. Yet some people fail to take these things...... Read More

Delighted with the budget

Angie Warren-Clark Labour MP Last week I was proud to stand in Jacinda’s team as a part of the collation government as we presented our first Budget to Aotearoa. This Budget sees the rebuilding of critical public services,...... Read More

Spotlight on Curcumin and OPC part 2

John Arts Abundant Living I speak daily to people affected by inflammation. This commonly affects joints, but can also affect most types of body tissue. While we can feel the discomfort of joint inflammation,...... Read More

Opinion Poll

Should schools be able to fine parents for parking illegally?

Yes, schools should have the right to fine those putting children in danger.
No, it should be left for police to handle.