Here’s to your good health

Brian Rogers Rogers Rabbits I hope you have some   Something seems to be sneezing its way through the Bay and people are hiding away in their homes to heal. Rogers has crawled into his warren to get...... Read More

What’s the fuss about turmeric (part 1)

John Arts Abundant Living Curcumin extracted from turmeric is probably the most studied of all natural compounds. There are research papers that cover everything from its anti-antioxidant capacity, to it helping...... Read More

NZ’s systematic bullying and censorship

Brian Rogers Rogers Rabbits Much has been said about the so-called ‘controversial’ Canadian speakers Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern. The only decisive result from the saga is proof that...... Read More

Tauranga July Rainfalls 1898-2018

Weather Eye with John Maunder Rainfalls for the month of July have been recorded in Tauranga since 1898, except for 1904, 1907, 1908, and 1909. The graph for the period 1898-2018 shows the range of rainfalls from an extreme high...... Read More

Hazards in remote locations

Brian Rogers Rogers Rabbits   The week started with a major catastrophe in the Rogers household. I dropped the television remote control in my bowl of soup. My lovely wife had just been in the kitchen...... Read More

Together we’re building a better city

Straight from city council A personal view, by Councillor Steve Morris 2018 is one of the most transformational years our city has seen since the opening of the harbour bridge 30 years ago. It’s an exciting time to live...... Read More

Yearly Temperatures in England 1700-2018

Weather Eye with John Maunder Yearly mean temperatures have been recorded in Central England since about 1700. It is the longest temperature series in the world derived from instrumental records. It shows an increase in temperature...... Read More

Fortunes for tunes

Brian Rogers Rogers Rabbits A few sweet notes equal banknotes Some of the world's most  important inventions – despite being discoveries that have changed the course of humanity – have...... Read More

Tropospheric Temperatures 1989 - June 2018

Weather Eye with John Maunder The chart below shows that since 1979, when reliable satellite observations became available, there has been little overall trend in the average tropospheric temperatures, apart from milder/warmer temperatures...... Read More

Opinion Poll

What do you think about businesses rejecting people’s job applications if they have tattoos?

I think it’s fine. Companies should be able to do what is right for their business.
They shouldn’t be able to discriminate someone for having tattoos.
I guess it depends where the tattoo is.