Bob and Bruce still busy

Winston Watusi Music Plus Let's check in with the old fellas today. It's something I do from time to time and specifically this week we're talking about Bruce and Bob. I guess at 69 now Bruce counts as an official old...... Read More

Solar Activity and the next Maunder Minimum

Weather Eye with John Maunder The ‘Maunder Minimum' is the name given to the period from 1645 to 1715 when the number of sunspots – ‘storms' on the sun – became almost zero. The period is named after...... Read More

They’re driving us crazy

I’m getting a few mixed messages from the people making all the important decisions. For starters fossil fuel burning cars are bad – they contribute to the warming of the planet. All the good scientists agree the planet is warming and the...... Read More

Spotlight on: the Grant Haua Trio

Janne GuitarGirl Spotlight On… Ever wondered what happened to soul music? The stuff that makes you dance like an uninhibited child? It's on the comeback, as three local lads and seasoned musicians, Grant Haua, Brian Franks...... Read More

Music – from Matariki to the Mount

Winston Watusi Music Plus As Matariki events continue, calls are out to create a public holiday. This isn’t a new thing. Just as Matariki rolls round annually so do voices asking for it to be recognised as a new holiday. Each...... Read More

Tauranga June Average Afternoon Temperatures 1913-2019

Weather Eye with John Maunder Temperatures have been recorded in the Tauranga area at several sites during the last 107 years, including at the current Tauranga Airport site from June 1990. The graph shows details of the average...... Read More

Mulling over movies with a warm wine

Winston Watusi Music Plus Music Plus is the name of the column so I tend to skip between a solid diet of music and a smorgasbord of related cultural food groups. This week we’re munching on movies... It seems like good timing,...... Read More

Tauranga June Rainfalls 1898-2019

Weather Eye with John Maunder It is considered that the homogeneous rainfall series described here is a fair and true record of what the rainfall would have been if the current observation site (Tauranga Airport) had been used since...... Read More

Country legends and folk concerts in NZ

Winston Watusi Music Plus So here we are on the long road back from winter; it’ll be summer before you know it... Yep, last weekend marked the year’s shortest day – June 22 – an auspicious sort of day if...... Read More

Tropospheric Temperatures 1979 to May 2019

Weather Eye with John Maunder The chart below shows that since 1979, when reliable satellite observations became available, there has been little change in the overall trend in the average tropospheric temperatures, apart from milder/warmer...... Read More