Are we ready for the invasion of e-scooters?

Straight from city council A personal view, by Councillor Steve Morris If you’ve visited Auckland or Christchurch recently you may have noticed the proliferation of electric hire-scooters whizzing around. I was first introduced...... Read More

Education Gridlock

Simon Bridges National Party Leader A couple of weeks ago we kicked off our first Women as Influencers event in Tauranga. The aim is to hear inspiring stories of local women. The first of these events focused...... Read More

RSE Scheme better for business and NZ Workers

Clayton Mitchell New Zealand First MP While in Hawkes Bay last week I met with representatives from four seasonal primary industries that are the backbone of the region but which have traditionally struggled to find workers at harvest...... Read More

Juggling conservative and liberal views

Straight from city council A personal view, by Councillor Steve Morris We don’t all think alike as a community, so it’s no surprise that councillors elected by the community don’t all think alike either! In...... Read More

No pursuit policy will not fix the problem

Clayton Mitchell New Zealand First MP The suggestion to implement a no-pursuit policy for young fleeing drivers by the Children’s Commissioner would not make anyone safer on the roads. The police have the harrowing task of...... Read More

Hardship not kindness

Simon Bridges National Party Leader This Government talks a lot about wellbeing, kindness and compassion.  All of these things are important but it seems to be just talk. The numbers of people on benefits...... Read More

Service beyond battlefields also acknowledged

Todd Talks By Todd Muller Anzac Day is a time to reflect on the impact of conflict on communities, to remember New Zealand's brave servicemen and women who have fought in conflicts gone by, and to honour our current armed services...... Read More

Locals remember them

Straight from city council A personal view, by Councillor Steve Morris Last ANZAC Day, an estimated 15,000 of us gathered, overlooking our beach at the Mount cenotaph in solemn reflection, proving the age-old statement true –...... Read More

A Great Day for Tauranga

Jan Tinetti Labour MP I recently cut the ribbon at the opening of Awhina House, Tauranga’s new women’s shelter. It was quite surreal to be standing there in the lovely courtyard celebrating this wonderful day as it was...... Read More

Bill undermining democracy

Clayton Mitchell New Zealand First MP On April 3 New Zealand First opposed the Canterbury Regional Council (Ngai Tahu Representation) Bill. The Bill proposed to give responsible Ministers the power to appoint two representatives...... Read More