Breaking the cycle of family and sexual violence

Angie Warren-Clark Labour MP In the Wellbeing Budget, the Government is delivering on our plan to address the long term-challenges facing New Zealand. One of those challenges is family and sexual violence. New Zealand has one of...... Read More

Talking transport

Clayton Mitchell New Zealand First MP One of the hallmarks of a first world country is a first-rate transport system. Sadly, for some time, New Zealand has been found wanting on this score. Both our freight and passenger transport...... Read More

Long-term protection for dolphins

Tamati Coffey Labour MP With Matariki near (and baby due any day), time is flying at the moment. It seems like a year ago, I was proudly leading a protest in Tauranga, calling for the protection of Māui's Dolphin. This was...... Read More

Funding challenges for roading

Straight from city council A personal view, by Councillor Steve Morris Last week, Council voted to start widening 15th Avenue, continue the upgrade of Domain Rd in Papamoa, and improvements in Arataki; all without guaranteed...... Read More

Taking mental health seriously

Jan Tinetti Labour MP When I was a principal I was approached many times about becoming an MP and I have to say I resisted until a former pupil of mine took his own life. It shook me to the core and I knew then I had to do something...... Read More

Strength in work from Wellbeing Budget

Clayton Mitchell New Zealand First MP The Wellbeing Budget 2019 takes a fresh approach to measuring economic success, as the Government seeks to improve the living standards of New Zealanders, enabling us all to live lives of purpose...... Read More

Commuter rail for Tauranga?

Straight from city council A personal view, by Councillor Steve Morris Over the last few weeks, I’ve written about several ‘keys to gridlock.’ Commuter rail is an often-mentioned solution; however, is it viable? As...... Read More

A Good Show

Simon Bridges National Party Leader Every time I attend Fieldays in the Waikato I am amazed at the size of the event and am immensely proud to be part of the largest agricultural showcase in the Southern Hemisphere....... Read More

Why does politics have to be so nasty?

Clayton Mitchell New Zealand First MP One of the questions I get around Tauranga is how do I cope with going from running businesses where everyone works well together, to politics, where there is lots of senseless, petty fights. Sometimes...... Read More

Delivering for Tauranga?

Todd Talks By Todd Muller The Government promised 2019 would be a year of delivery but this is yet to ring true for Tauranga. Sadly, our growing city has once again been overlooked for the much-needed investment in infrastructure...... Read More