Help for sore joints (Part 1)

John ArtsAbundant Living The best part of what I do is to see improvements in those who have the courage to try something different. My client files are full of testimonies of those who have improved. As I wrote this, a client...... Read More

Do I need a nutritional supplement? (Part 3)

John ArtsAbundant Living My multi vitamin/mineral/antioxidant formula has more than 60 ingredients and more than 10 of these are antioxidants to protect cell structures from free radical damage. Researchers have linked accumulated...... Read More

Do I need a nutritional supplement? (Part 2)

John ArtsAbundant Living Most people take B vitamins for stress or energy. While B vitamins don’t reduce stress, they are actively involved in making the energy we need.   B vitamins are coenzymes and act a little...... Read More

Do I need extra Magnesium? (Part 3)

John ArtsAbundant Living Last week we saw that magnesium supplements can be very effective for cramps, especially night cramps and for restless legs. Magnesium is required by more than 300 enzymes, including those needed for...... Read More

Organic milk and meat for Omega 3

Bruce HartPlum Organics   Recent studies have shown that both organic milk and meat contain around 50 per cent more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids than conventionally produced products. Analysing worldwide data, 196 papers on milk and 67 papers...... Read More

Do I need extra magnesium? (Part 1)

John ArtsAbundant Living Magnesium is one of the most commonly prescribed supplements by natural health practitioners. The nutritional medicine textbook ‘Integrative Medicine’ (Rakel 2012) is a well-respected reference...... Read More

Cartilage (Part 3)

John ArtsAbundant Living Last week we saw that damage and death of the specialised cells that maintain cartilage is the real driver behind osteoarthritis. An excellent study (Carlo and Loeser, 2003, Arthritis Rheumatology) investigated...... Read More

Let’s talk about your cartilage (Part 2)

John ArtsAbundant Living I have been helping someone with osteoarthritis in a knee, thumbs, back and neck. We started with a double dose of my joint support formula which gave her more than 1500mg of high grade chondroitin and...... Read More

Cartilage loss (Part 1)

John ArtsAbundant Living Osteoarthritis is all about loss of cartilage, subsequent inflammation and changes to bone and joint structure. The result is pain and loss of mobility. The ends of bones such as the femur are covered...... Read More

Therapy for Osteoarthritis (Part 2)

John ArtsAbundant Living Nutritional therapy can be effective in helping osteoarthritis. For example I have been helping someone with osteoarthritis (OA) in one knee which affected her mobility. She also had hypertension and...... Read More

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