The Secret Your Teen's Not Keeping

Careers with Hart
with Jay Hart

"I don't know" must be the most beloved teenage mantra. But, behind "I don't know" lurkes a secret. They really do know.

And we know this, because right after they say "I don't know", we proceed to foolishly tell them something, to which they immediately reply, "I know".

The challenge is that we so often believe their first answer over their second. But the second is the real, honest truth.

Your teen really does know what they want to do with their lives.

Sometimes their dreams may not seem practical or even helpful, like retire at eighteen for a life of video gaming.

And our teens can become discouraged. Why can't they retire young for a life of gaming? What about that one person that one time…?

True discouragement can happen at a very early age and often from a misunderstanding. Discouragement can lead to insecurities and doubts that make it difficult for your teen to admit their true career-goals.

But, it's important to encourage teens and facilitate their expression of the desires of their hearts, even when they seem…unhelpful.

First because there really are people out there that get paid to play video games. Why not explore this possibility for your teen…even if you never admit to anyone what he or she does for a living?

But most importantly, studies show that our generation of teens are likely to have more than seven completely different careers in their lifetime! The sooner we validate and explore their true career interests, the sooner they can embark on what will be for them a lifetime of career choices.

By processing their career interests with them, we are equipping our teens with the tools to make not only their first successful career choices, but also empowering them with the confidence to make their second, third, fourth…

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