The Weekend Sun Competition

Acclaimed nutritional biochemist, 11-times best-selling author, and international speaker Dr Libby Weaver, will be speaking in Tauranga later this month as part of her 2018 national tour ‘The Hormone Factor’.

The tour will see her visit 16 centres across New Zealand following the release of her latest book ‘The Beauty Guide’ which was released on August 22.

“Hormones play a powerful role in how we feel and how our bodies function,” says Libby.

“They influence everything from how we grow, sleep and age, whether we store fat or burn it, the quality of our skin, our blood pressure, immune system and appetite regulation – even our brain chemicals.

“Our bodies rely on the delicate balance and seamless communication of more than 50 different hormones. Each have their own remarkable abilities to cause havoc or harmony to our inner and outer world, depending on whether they are in or out of balance, and being produced in optimal quantities,” says Libby.

Libby will be speaking in Tauranga on Tuesday, September 25 from 4pm at ASB Baypark. For more information and to book visit:


The Weekend Sun has three double passes to see Libby in Tauranga on September 25 from 4pm and three of Libby’s new book ‘The Beauty Guide’ for three lucky reader.

Competition Results

Congratulations to our winners, Helen Parker, Stephany Smith & Cristy Oliver!