The Weekend Sun Competition

HempFarm is a Kiwi-based company on a sustainable mission to become a valuable addition to a healthy varied diet and lifestyle. Hemp seeds are extremely beneficial to our overall health; they help to strengthen the immune system and cleanse the body of unwanted toxins. The taste is great and the culinary options are endless; sprinkle on salads, in soups, pasta or add to smoothies for an extra antioxidant and protein boost. Key HempFarm products include hemp hearts, protein powder and hemp seed oil. 

The oil and hemp hearts are grown in New Zealand from this summers’ harvest and the organic protein powder is imported from Canada.

The HempFarm processing plant in Tauranga will be making protein in the future as well as hemp milk, the machinery is very expensive for each product so we take one step at a time. 

There are many ways to enjoy the proven benefits of hemp, so for culinary tips visit:

The Weekend Sun has one HempFarm prize pack including one 500ml Kiwi hemp seed bottled oil and one 500g organic hulled hemp seed hearts for one lucky reader who can tell us what sort of conditions hemp seeds are good for.

Entries must be received by Tuesday, May 5, 2020.

Competition Results

Congratulations to our winner, Liz Hunter!