The Weekend Sun Competition

For five months during lockdown Kokomo didn't play, the longest break in the band's decades-long history. Now they're back on the road...


While isolated, singer Derek Jacombs kept busy singing 50 songs in 50 days on Facebook. As a challenge each song was filmed wearing different clothes and a different hat.


There were Kokomo's own songs, traditional blues, and Kiwi tunes by the likes of Mike Garner, The Windy City Strugglers and B-Side Band. There were also songs by Bob Dylan and Kris Kristofferson, and John Prine who died while NZ was in lockdown.


Kokomo's ‘unplugged’ band are in Tauranga playing a special afternoon show of those Lockdown Songs at The Jam Factory on August 23. More details are available at:


The songs are on the Kokomo YouTube channel - - the audience get a 50-song ‘menu’, then 75 per cent of the songs are audience requests, every show unique! 


The Weekend Sun has one double pass pass to see Kokomo play at The Jam Factory on August 23.



Competition Results

Congratulations to our winner, Noelene Taylor!