Museum referendum

Tauranga City Council elected members today decided to run a city-wide referendum to ask the community if they support investment in a museum alongside the At Large by-election. The decision to hold a referendum was driven by elected members who... Read More

Bay Venues’ pricing structure to be simplified

Tauranga City Council unanimously approved Bay Venues Ltd.'s new, simplified pricing structure at today's Council meeting. Bay Venues Ltd. (BVL) provided the new structure as a result of its first comprehensive review of their pricing across... Read More

TCC staff moving to Cameron Road

From Friday, 23 February, Tauranga City Council staff currently residing in the building at 2 Devonport Road will begin to fill the vacant offices at 306 Cameron Road. The move will involve around 400 people moving to the office building at 306 Cameron... Read More

More than 50 council staff buy electric bikes

In a bid to help encourage fewer single-occupant cars into the Tauranga city centre, Tauranga City Council has facilitated a deal with national e-bike distributor/retailer that has seen more than 50 council staff become the proud new... Read More

Can you enjoy Tauranga’s public places to the full

Is there anything that spoils our city's streets, beaches, reserves for you? This is the question Tauranga City Council is asking the community to help inform the review of four public places bylaws.  Council is reviewing these bylaws to make... Read More

Love Tauranga? Stand for Council

Do you want to represent your community? Tauranga City Council is holding a by-election in April for one at large position on council. Nominations for candidates in the upcoming by-election are now open. Nominations close at noon on Monday, 5 March.... Read More

Tauranga’s water restrictions lifted

Water restrictions in Tauranga have been lifted with immediate effect. With rain across the city during the last few days, and more predicted, restrictions were no longer needed to manage water demand, said Tauranga City Council's City Waters manager... Read More

Exploring options to influence housing outcomes

We are working on planning two new urban growth areas – new suburbs – to cater for the growth of Tauranga and the western Bay of Plenty. Te Tumu in Papamoa East could provide approximately 7,000 new dwellings, while Tauriko West could add... Read More

Have your say: University of Waikato

Tauranga City Council is seeking feedback on its proposal to long-term lease land at Northern Sulphur Point to enable the University of Waikato to establish a purpose-built Marine Research and Educational Facility. The vision is to create an interdisciplinary... Read More

Opinion Poll

Should terminally ill people be legally allowed to end their own life or ask to have someone end their life on their behalf?


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Walk around the Mount. Photos: Denis Player.

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