Supermaxi unveiled in in Tauranga

Ludde Ingvall’s Supermaxi ‘CQS’. Photos: John Roberson.

Modifications turning a conventional 90ft yacht to a 100ft supermaxi have been unveiled in Tauranga.

Ludde Ingvall’s ‘CQS’ emerged from the Southern Ocean sheds on Sunday.

The work has been undertaken with backing from Sir Michael Hintze, reports John Roberson on

Ingvall, a former round the world yachtsman, world champion and record holder, has taken over a year to transform the yacht, from a fairly conventional 90 footer to a striking 100 foot supermaxi.

Ingvall is a two-time line honours winner of the Rolex Sydney Hobart race, first in 2000 and again in 2004.

The yacht has now been re-modelled and re-named CQS after its principal sponsor. Working with a top technical team including yacht designers, engineers, yacht builders, rig designers and sail makers, they have produced a boat that pushes the boundaries of design technology, John says on Sail-World.

The distinctive new hull shape features a reverse bow, an outsized bowsprit, ’wings’ to spread the shroud base supporting the mast and a wide platform across the cockpit area. The spars for the remodelled supermaxi are coming from Hall Spars & Rigging NZ.

Amongst the innovative features of this re-modelled yacht is a ’Dynamic Stability System’ (DSS), comprising an underwater wing, which augments the righting forces of the keel, believed to be one of the largest and most technically advanced of its kind ever used.

Over the next few days a brand new high spec keel will be fitted, and the rig installed, before undergoing sea trials.

The yacht’s first competitive outing is expected to be the Round White Island Race starting from Auckland on November 25.

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One wet looking boat

Posted on 08-11-2016 11:59 | By waiknot

A racer for sure

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