Sheep killed in Bellevue dog attack

Pipi Kendal with Lottie and Flora Clarke caring for two lambs which survived a savage dog attack earlier this morning. The two lambs were the only survivors out of a flock of 14 sheep. Supplied Photo.

It's a sight no-one ever wants to – or should have to – wake up to.

A flock of sheep on a lifestyle property on Princess Road in Bellevue have been savaged by what's believed to be a pack of roaming dogs early this morning.

In total 12 sheep were killed or had to be put down. Only two lambs survived.

The flock were owned by Bellevue locals Basil and Ann Graeme who've kept sheep on their property for more than 40 years, explains their daughter Kate.

“They're pretty traumatised as you can probably understand. The whole neighbourhood is, the ewes and lambs were pretty friendly and the kids in the area loved them. They were kind of like the neighbourhood pets.

“The flock were there to keep the grass down and were kept in a fenced paddock. By the looks of it, we think several dogs were involved.”

The family have also just recently discovered Ann and Basil's neighbour's chickens have also disappeared and it is presumed they were attacked by the same dogs

Ann says in the 40-plus years they've kept sheep on their property this is the first time anything like this has happened. She describes the attack as “simply gruesome”.

The family have since notified the Tauranga City Council dog ranger and police of the attack.

“We are worried for people's safety because it is s likely that these dogs will attack again,” says Kate.

The family are asking Bellevue locals who see a pack of dogs roaming the streets to contact the Tauranga City Council on 577-7000.


This is not a dog problem

Posted on 21-11-2016 15:08 | By BennyBenson

its a people problem. Until crappy dog owners are dealt with severely these things will get worse. There are a number of people out there that don't gives a rats tail what their dogs are doing or what happens to their dogs because of it. You can't let dogs roam in packs going feral and often hungry and not expect this type of thing to happen. Time to start making these dog owners take real responsibility when they take on a pet.

2nd Time Around

Posted on 20-11-2016 21:52 | By Tauranga Local

This is the second attack in as many weeks. Our neighbour who has a property on Bellevue Road has a number of sheep and a good number of those were attacked and killed by roaming dog(s). Certainly of concern to have this sort of carry on in our neighbourhood. But, I guess with urbanisation and the increasing number of dogs, it was only a matter of time.


Posted on 20-11-2016 21:34 | By simple.really

won't do anything I took photos of aggressive looking roaming dogs on the Daisy Hardwick path into the Council, but was told they wouldn't do anything unless someone was attacked.


Posted on 20-11-2016 13:55 | By kinakat

The people who own the roaming dogs are the one's not doing their jobs.I'am absolutely in disbelief that the sheep have been attacked and killed violently It's super sad.The area in bellevue have always as far back as i can remembered had the little flock of sheep just happily doing what sheep are supposed to be doing.I used to take my kids for a walk regularly just to see them.My oldest is nearly thirty now so yes it's very very sad.Hopefully the damn dogs are captured and put to rest quickly and there owners identified and dealt with.


Posted on 19-11-2016 11:57 | By Capt_Kaveman

again council not doing their job and as for police thats another story

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