Email problems for Spark

Some customers are experiencing problems accessing their emails with Spark. File photo.

Some Spark customers are reporting problems sending or receiving emails with Yahoo! Xtra.

The problem appears to be related to ‘third-party' email clients, such as Outlook, or via their phones.

Customers can still access their accounts through

A Spark spokesperson says the issue is under urgent investigation, and is not related to any sort of hack.


Blocking my emails to any extra address

Posted on 29-11-2016 13:36 | By xenasdad

I have a Slingshot account, but for a month or so at over the last year, ALL emails I sent to ANY extra addresses are blocked by Yahoo because of "Complaints received", or "We have detected unusual activity on your account"I send about 10 emails a week, my son and one friend are the only extra clients, apart from odd TradeMe buys.What is Yahoo doing in my Slingshot account ??? WHAT complaints ??? From who ???Following the Yahoo links to get information end with the instruction to "LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT" I 'VE NEVER HAD A YAHOO ACCOUNT !!!!!I rang SPARK to get it fixed, as Yahoo is their email carrier, they said it was nothing to do with them, gave me Yahoo's web address, and hung up the phone!

Since before Midnight

Posted on 29-11-2016 10:49 | By The Caveman

Sparks email service has been down since BEFORE midnight last night !!! Second time in the past few weeks............

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