Safe and happy on the roads

Stay patient in the traffic during the summer holidays. File photo.

Summer brings some great things – sunshine, music, good food and great beaches – but it also brings increased traffic.

While it's important to stay patient in the traffic, there are a few other travel tips worth knowing if you're driving during the silly season.

The New Zealand Transport Agency says extra care should be taken when driving in the holiday peak period because people often drive tired and around unfamiliar streets. Being patient and polite, as well as scheduling regular breaks can help drivers keep their cool.

NZTA recommends planning ahead where possible is best – check your vehicle has a current Warrant of Fitness and registration to avoid nasty fines, and make sure your vehicle is in proper – and safe –working order before traveling.

If you can plan to avoid high-traffic peak times this would be best, and allowing plenty of time to get to and from destinations can help reduce stress.

Drive to the conditions – and this doesn't just include weather. Conditions means the road you're traveling along, the traffic conditions, a sensible speed, your own alertness, and your vehicle or load. These things all contribute to the conditions you need to be aware of when driving.

And of course, wear your seatbelt.

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Inane drivel

Posted on 30-12-2016 15:58 | By mutley

It beggars belief that someone gets paid by NZTA to write and release this load of rubbish. Basil said it right: "Cybil Fawlty - Mastermind, specialist area: stating the bleeding obvious".

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