House fire in Gate Pa

Smoke can be seen coming from a house in Gate Pa. Photos and video: Kaysi Fredericks from Kaysi Photography.

Emergency services have been called to a house fire in Gate Pa.

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A Northern Fire Communications spokesperson says fire crews from Tauranga and Greerton were called to the blaze at a Humber Crescent home just before 2pm.

“It was well involved on arrival. The fire is in the rear of the property.”

She says firefighters are using breathing apparatus and two high pressured deliveries to put out the fire.

A caller to 0800 SUNLIVE says the house is fully engulfed in flames. “There are two fire trucks at the scene.” She believes the family who live there is on holiday.

A nearby resident says she can see black smoke coming from the roof of the house. "The iron on the roof is lifting right off."

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Photo: Facebook.


How awful to return from holiday to this!

Posted on 02-01-2017 11:14 | By Cydifor

Feel so sorry for these people - do hope they were insured. most furniture can be donated or bought from insurance, but what about the truly precious things such as family photos?


Posted on 01-01-2017 16:19 | By whatsinaname

There are far to many house fires.


Posted on 01-01-2017 16:19 | By whatsinaname

Hope the occupants are safe

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