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Re: Using roundabouts the right way (The Weekend Sun, December 16, 2016). Several years ago the rule to indicate off roundabouts was introduced, and as a consequence negotiating roundabouts in Tauranga has become a nightmare. Kiwis may be tops at many great things in this world but most will agree driving is not one of them. Somehow the message to “indicate off at the last moment” was interpreted by one-third of Tauranga drivers to mean when turning right don't indicate until actually turning the wheel! Indicators are supposed to be just that – indicators of our intentions. It needs to be undertaken several seconds before the turn or it's a waste of time. I'm sure N Hall will agree with me there. But with the confusion that now rules our roundabouts I feel getting back to the basics of indicating on correctly would be a massive improvement. If that did happen we would know where drivers are exiting. It's not just a matter of demanding people carry out rules, they have to understand them in order to be able to - and many people don't - understand roundabouts at the moment. I merely suggest if you don't know how to indicate off, don't try. No one wants the wrong signals. The reason, I fear, we suffer unnecessary delays at intersections is because too many drivers seem to lack proper driving skills. Many don't seem to improve their skills through practice and need more training. Good driving doesn't seem to be important to many people, which is displayed by the lack of logic shown in town at intersections. And by very unnecessary fatal accidents on our highways.

S Carter, Pyes Pa.


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