We’re a nation of knockers

We are a nation of knockers, we love to complain.

Especially about those who succeed and those who strive to succeed. We complain about those who don't try or contribute; then we complain if they do. I refer to intersection window washers. If they were lying on the couch waiting for another benefit day there would be an outcry, and if they're out trying to pull a few extra honest dollars cleaning windscreens there's an even louder outcry. Tax them, license them, ban them; put them in the stocks. I can hear the clamour now. Suddenly from the north some common sense on the matter. “I think they are enterprising, hard-working and out there actively doing something to earn some money,” said Whangarei District councillor Anna Murphy. How refreshing. Anna didn't cosy up to popular, vote-catching but ill-considered public opinion and demand windscreen washers be outlawed. She thought it through dispassionately and compassionately. And she rightfully points out there is obviously a demand for the service because if they didn't make any money they wouldn't bother.  And then they fall back on the hoary old health and safety argument – someone will get killed. Well perhaps we shouldn't drive anywhere this summer, perhaps we shouldn't go swimming because someone just may get killed. Anna would get my vote as a free-thinking sensible person who embraces the interests of all of her electorate. And if and when I see my next windscreen washer I will be flicking them a gold coin.

S Smith, Otumoetai.


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