TCDC updates water restrictions

Water restriction are currently in place in several townships across the Coromandel. File Photo.

Tairua is the only township that has a total hose ban currently in force, says the Thames-Coromandel District Council.

In Pauanui, Whangamata and Hahei there is a sprinkler ban in place, though locals living in those communities are allowed to use hand-held hoses on alternate days only.

This means even-numbered addresses will be allowed to use hand-held hoses on even-numbered days of the month, such as January 10. Similarly, odd -numbered addresses can use hand-held hoses on odd-numbered days, such as January 11.

While in Whitianga and Matarangi a sprinkler ban is currently in place.

Council also advises the Thames South supplies is still under permanent restriction, meaning there is a hose and sprinkler ban in Matatoki, and a sprinkler ban only in Puriri and Omahu.

There are currently no water restrictions in place in Thames, Onemana and Coromandel Town.


Because of the Coromandel's rugged geography, the district's water comes from a variety of natural sources, including streams and bores, explains council.

“These sources supply us not only with drinking water but water for firefighting. Please conserve this precious resource.”

  •   •  Wait until you can do full loads before you wash dishes or use the washing machine.

  •   •  Don't run the water when brushing your teeth.

  •   •  For cool drinking water, fill a jug and keep it in the fridge.

  •   •  Running water to cool it down can waste 10 litres a minute.

  •   •  For lawns, apply the ‘step test' – if grass springs back after you walk on it, it doesn't need watering.

  •   •  Please do not water the garden in the heat of the day; early morning or evening is better.

  •   •  If your toilet has a dual flush button, use the half flush.

  •   •  Fix any leaks or dripping taps.

  •   •  Please do not fill swimming pools.


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