Oystercatchers back at main nest site

The oystercatchers sheltering from the recent westerly wind. Video: Cate Duff.

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This morning the oystercatcher family on Mount Main beach were back at their main nesting site where the two eggs hatched out a few days ago.

The young chicks are doing well, despite negotiating their way around holiday makers during the day and the beach groomer at night.

The oystercatcher adults have been busy probing for shellfish along the shoreline and bringing food back to the chicks.

Their nest was a scrape in the sand, quickly roped off by the Department of Conservation once the eggs were laid, and sandbags placed around it to protect it from high tides.

Over the last few days, the family has ventured further along the beach and huddled from the strong westerly winds behind protective rocks.

They are long-lived birds, with some reaching 30+ years of age.  

Chicks are vigorously defended by both parents and usually fly at 6-7 weeks.

While small they are at risk of predation from gulls, dogs and roaming cats.

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So sweet

Posted on 11-01-2017 18:13 | By overit

I am loving this story, such tenacity.

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