Kaimai luge rider fined $750

A Tauranga teenager has been fined for luging down the Kaimai Ranges. Image: YouTube.

The Tauranga teenager recently shown on Youtube riding a luge down the Kaimai Range has been fined $750.

Police have interviewed the 18-year-old and issued the notices for operating a vehicle in a manner likely to cause injury, which carries a penalty of $600, and driving on the wrong side of no passing lines, which has a penalty of $150.

Western Bay of Plenty road policing manager Senior Sergeant Ian Campion says the incident is a reminder that all road users need to act responsibly and take due care to ensure their own and others' safety.

“Regardless of what you're doing on the road, your actions can have an impact on other road users.

"The last thing we want to have to do is knock on the doors of families to tell them that a loved one is not coming home, or has been seriously injured, due to a poor decision that results in a crash that could have been avoided.

"This incident could so easily have ended in tragedy and we are pleased that no-one was hurt.”

Warning: Video contains bad language.



Posted on 21-02-2017 13:15 | By Papamoaner

I did silly things when I was young too.Loosen up a bit guys.


Posted on 10-02-2017 13:21 | By morepork

If he actually pays the fine. I'd like to have seen some community service combined with the fine. This kid needs to learn some social responsibility. I bet his parents are really proud...

No match

Posted on 04-02-2017 10:07 | By simple.really

I travel this road weekly in my SUV, Think I know who'd come out the best!


Posted on 30-01-2017 21:02 | By Tgaboy

Are you for real!?!? This lunatic was an absolute risk on the Kaimai's to himself and others. If I ride my bike on the path without a helmet I get a $50 ticket. I'm happy with the fine that douche has received.

Brains of a rocking horse.

Posted on 28-01-2017 11:04 | By Ben Dover

What a lunatic ****head. The only people I feel for are the ambulance/Police services who would have had to scrape him off the road had he had an accident!


Posted on 27-01-2017 18:38 | By overit

And let that be a reminder for those of his generation who think you can do what you want out there on the roads. Such a senseless act.


Posted on 27-01-2017 18:01 | By Ness

mate you deserve to be run over, the dickheads in the car should also be fined although none of them will pay the fine anyway,

golly gosh

Posted on 27-01-2017 17:35 | By old trucker

He could have been given a warning,This will help Sgt,plods pay for a week, there was NO need for a fine,very unfair in my view,sad this, someone flexing their muscles to give him that fine,he was only having some fun Crazy yes,but this could have been done better,we have all done silly things,my shillings worth for what its worth,Sunlive is BEST for News in the Bay,Thankyou,10-4 out.

Like that.....

Posted on 27-01-2017 17:28 | By Jimmy Ehu

is going to be a deterrent!, a " whip around", or just ignore it!, will probably be the response, social media celebrity has been gained, another "Darwin" award winner thinks they are cool!, when will the next Survivor Kaimai contestant try his luck?.

Not much of a fine, but better than nothing ...

Posted on 27-01-2017 16:27 | By Linaire

If I was this kid's parent, I would be attacking that luge of his with a chainsaw, so this would never happen again!!


Posted on 27-01-2017 16:24 | By dumbkof2

another case of punishment by wet bus ticket


Posted on 27-01-2017 15:56 | By By Jimminy

Not laughing now I bet.

Is this..

Posted on 27-01-2017 15:53 | By Me again

A WET BUS TICKET or not. Great encouragement for other bored youths isn't it. $750.00 then half that if he had of caused an accident. Pathetic!!!

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