One Love parking questions

The locked Cliff Rd carpark gate. Supplied Photos.

A Cliff Road resident's question about the Tauranga City Council decision to close the Cliff Road carpark last weekend when 20,000 One Love fans were partying on The Domain, has been answered.

Photos of the locked carpark gate and traffic double-parked along the verge were emailed to SunLive, and passed to the city council.

“Is this the way our TCC thinks or maybe they aren't thinking,” states the message with the photos.

“Let's invite people to a concert but keep the closest carpark locked and they can all park illegally. “Maybe the council is looking for extra revenue from parking tickets.”

TCC transport manager Martin Parkes says the council is bound by the Cliff Road carpark's resource consent, which only allows it to be operating on weekdays.

“The consent for those two carparks allows them only to be open Mondays to Fridays."

No parking tickets were issued.

An enforcement officer was deployed to the area to review the situation, but he was verbally abused by quite a few people and withdrew on health and safety grounds, says Martin.

The two carpark buildings in the city centre were both under-utilised.

“Spring St carpark isn't that far from the domain,” says Martin.

“I think the lesson learned for us is next time we have a big event at the domain is we have better temporary signage for the carpark building just to let people know they are available and open.

“I think they were only half to three-quarters full at best over that period.”

The illegally parked cars outside the locked Cliff Rd carpark.


my 2cents

Posted on 06-03-2017 13:40 | By lpm67

I have thought and thought on this matter. Next year I hope the council tells the organisers to take this to Baypark which is much more suitably equipped for parking, bathrooms etc. Stop being a nuisance to the local residents and its solves the parking.


Posted on 12-02-2017 10:28 | By surfsup

Not sure if that is really the main issue. It's a loading bay area and from my observations the owner does not park there all day as there is a limit and the council is quite happy to issue a $40.00 infringement notice. The point I was making is the whole wharf street area is now a joke, any delivery vehicles block the whole road off as there is now no areas they can pull into to unload . Martin Parkes has been contacted in order to discuss the problem but for some reason never replies to emails. Have a look at the Mount Phoenix carpark fiasco and how he handled the objections that were raised, he really has no idea how to deal with the very people who pay his salary, the ratepayers.

Park house...

Posted on 11-02-2017 22:09 | By Me again

in town???? Why would you want to go there when the concert is over that way. People are not going to park far from their cars are they? RIDICULOUS when it sooo easy to open the car park just for 2 days. Soon that will be off to Auckland as well. Dead horse City.


Posted on 11-02-2017 14:45 | By mike harman

the idiots working for the council have not got the ability to think outside the square. common sense would tell you that the car parks all need to be open for free on the weekends when there is a big event on stuff the resource consents they are nothing more than trouble and surely all the shops would benefit as well as the event.

Surfs up.

Posted on 11-02-2017 13:45 | By sangrae

yes surfs up it appears that the new owner of the Crown and Badgers has a permanent car park outside his establishment ie a big black ute.and as for the numerous delivery vehicles up and dow Wharf St all day and every day. Come on Martin open your eyes and sort it out.

A Joke

Posted on 11-02-2017 12:53 | By Kaimai

Town planners in Tauranga are a comedy act.


Posted on 11-02-2017 12:52 | By Noel Silver

I find this situation absolutely amazing. A closed car park when events are usually scheduled for weekends. The response from TCC's Mr Parkes (there is a pun here) is equally amazing. The problem is your Resource Consent is RUBBISH !! Change the consent so the the car park can be used seven days a week. I find it amazing that the people who wrote and approved this consent were unable to work out that weekend events had reduced parking when more is actually needed.I wonder if they are still employed?? Hope not because this nonsense is just going to continue


Posted on 11-02-2017 12:17 | By surfsup

Should have said Crown & Badger


Posted on 11-02-2017 10:36 | By surfsup

Martin Parkes must know what he is doing, you only have to look at the wonderful alterations that he implemented in wharf street and how well that has helped traffic flow, delivery drivers and bands at the cornerstone. Me thinks the man has not a clue.

Common sense.....

Posted on 11-02-2017 09:54 | By Jimmy

you will not find any of that in the TCC manual, Martin walks and talks the PC line, variances to policy will make him sleep badly!!!, take for example his explanation on making a oneway street system around the Court buildings.....26 car parks will be created?..... now during construction at least 50 car parks have been "snaffled" by construction workers with road cones etc spread around!, I have no issues with a one way system, just Martins inane explanations.

Parking Consent Cliff Road.

Posted on 11-02-2017 08:43 | By Murray.Guy

The area could be used for events with a simple 'temporary consent variation' being applied for and approved. No need to notify, no cost, just a little common sense and no bull!

A no brainer, surely?

Posted on 11-02-2017 08:35 | By nerak

Rescind the consent ruling regarding weekend parking for occasions such as One Love? And Martin, don't put it on the ratepayers to fund temporary signage re parking buildings, Wilson Parking will laugh all the way to the bank. And do put it on the concert organisers to add parking maps to their advertising (a website for parking on tickets too), and consider shuttles. Too easy to dip into our pockets Martin, not good enough when a bit of thought might find other solutions.


Posted on 11-02-2017 08:08 | By dumbkof2

why not have these things at baypark heaps of parking


Posted on 11-02-2017 07:49 | By Capt_Kaveman

why you have parking assistants to managed people parking, again i find martin out of touch and time for him to walk

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