Car on roof & two injured in SH29 crash

A car is on its roof and blocking one lane of State Highway 29 following a single-vehicle crash near the Kaimai Ranges summit. File Photo.

A car is on its roof and blocking one lane of State Highway 29 following a crash near the summit of the Kaimai Ranges.

A police spokesperson says two people have suffered minor injuries as a result of the single vehicle crash which occurred at about 5pm.

“The crash occurred on the Matamata side of the Kaimai Ranges and as result the west-bound lane of SH29 is currently blocked.

“Police and fire crews are currently at the scene."

Motorists travelling through the area are being warned to expect delays.

Are you at the scene?

Call 0800 SUNLIVE (786-5483) or email



Posted on 15-02-2017 08:59 | By whatsinaname

No one gives a damm.


Posted on 15-02-2017 06:23 | By maildrop

Rather than making foreigners, 99% of which are very capable drivers, take a test, maybe all Kiwi car and truck drivers who are involved in single vehicle "crashes" should be made to prove they are capable of driving? Clearly they are not. Seems to happen very often here.


Posted on 14-02-2017 20:36 | By groutby

....seriously.... why over very recent years have we suddenly lost the ability to drive at least "acceptably" on our roads?..the roads are the same (crap as they may be in some instances, but no excuse) .... we don't get the true facts to form our own conclusion, and many, perhaps even Police are bound not to tell the "real" truth about what is happening out there. I don't get it, it's as though a switch has been "flicked" and we just suddenly don't give a damn about anyone else including ourselves. You know I am seriously hoping I am wrong.........,

Open a hospital at the summit

Posted on 14-02-2017 17:45 | By The Sage

It just has just about got to that stage where they need a hospital at the summit of the Kaimais.

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