Electric charging station opens in CBD

Simon Bridges unties the ribbon on the new electric charging station, as Mayor Greg Brownless looks on. Photo: Tracy Hardy.

New Zealand's first on-road, solar-powered electric vehicle charger - the ‘Electric Station' - is now open to the public thanks to the collaborative and community-focused effort of local project partners.

Located on The Strand, Tauranga, the EV charger has two allocated car parks and draws energy from 18 solar panels.

When insufficient solar-power is generated, the grid provides back-up power, with any excess solar power being fed back into the grid.

“The Strand was selected as a high-profile location in the heart of the Tauranga CBD where we could prioritize support for EVs and demonstrate the use of solar technology,” says Mayor Greg Brownless.

The charger also features a unique display unit, which shows users how much electricity is being generated from the sun, and how much is coming from the grid.

Powerco general manager Andrew McLeod says solar power combined with low-emission vehicles are a ‘win-win' for New Zealand.

“This is the first roadside PV-assisted charger in New Zealand. It's a great sign of the collaboration of all the partners on this project. It's taken a lot of innovation, dedication, and sheer effort to get this going.”

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges was at today's unveiling of the station. As an electric vehicle driver himself, he's understandably thrilled with The Strand's new addition.

“I'm incredibly excited about electric vehicles. I think they're the future, and the future is here now. I've found them faster, quieter, and cheaper. They're superior in every way.

“I think, no doubt, very soon we'll see all manner of people with EVs wanting to use the charging station.”

The total value of the project is around $130,000. Of this $54,000 was donated by the Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust, towards building the solar canopy

The Electric Station will provide free power (capped at $5000) for the first year thanks to Trustpower and free parking (up to 2 hours) thanks to Tauranga City Council.

For more information about the Electric Station, specifications and background, visit www.tauranga.govt.nz and search for ‘electric vehicles'.


@ Tgaboy...

Posted on 24-02-2017 20:46 | By groutby

...that's a bit harsh mate!...well....maybe not....

Gawd, he's a tosser!

Posted on 23-02-2017 21:17 | By Tgaboy

That's all.


Posted on 23-02-2017 12:55 | By rastus

No one should doubt that transport is going to change in the coming years but for simple Simon to bleat about where we are and where we are going is just a joke - I mean at 2 hours per vehicle x two parking spaces, say 24 charges per full day is certainly going to get Tauranga motorists up and running. I would put money on that however as the citizens are waking up chances are Simon will not be round long enough as our MP to find out


Posted on 23-02-2017 08:35 | By surfsup

Couldn't agree more with your comments. We have lost another two car parks in order to provide a charging station for how many motorists. Know doubt the council will ensure the strand is monitored and parking tickets issued to those motorists who mistakenly park in these exclusive car parks.


Posted on 22-02-2017 21:08 | By groutby

and us contractors can't get within a reasonable distance without having to pay..and we're doing work at the council to keep 'em going!...how the hell does that work??...Simon..please....concentrate on immediate city issues will ya and cut out the "photo ops"..we all know it's election year mate...

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