Sorting the Tauranga civic heart process

Civic centre site options are being considered today. Photo: File.

Today's city transformation committee meeting is deciding how to decide where to put the city heart components; the museum, library and city administration building.

The meeting will receive a report on the issues presented, and there will be an open workshop afterwards.

The council faces conflicting choices that will have impacts later down the track.

The library's exact location on site will depend on a range of considerations, including the whether or not the council renews the existing building or builds a new one, and the council decision regarding the location of the Civic Administration Building.

The Current library building's future will be decided at the March 21 council meeting.

A decision to keep the current building will mean an alternative site will have to be found for the performance venue.

The decision on the probable location of the performance venue will be made at the June council meeting – a month after the council considers the reference design for the site as developed by the Technical Advisory Group.

While the preferred option for the rebuilt or new library is on the 91 Willow Street site, the Museum has options – the Cliff Road site and the Willow Street site. The museum decision also hinges on whether the council decides on a joint library/museum, but that particular call is presently scheduled to be made in December when business cases are finalised.

The library detailed business case will investigate the costs and benefits for a fit for purpose, future-proof library in the current building and a fit for purpose, futureproof library built new on site.

The current Civic Heart reference design co-locates the museum and new library. Within this concept, the two facilities share space and services, such as community and education spaces, café and other ancillary facilities.

Comprehensive work was carried out on the preferred location for a museum in 2005, but only two of the shortlisted 2005 site remain, Cliff road and the Civic Centre.



Posted on 08-03-2017 20:12 | By sangrae

Here we go again when does Larry Baldock going to wake up Tauranga does not want a museum please listen to the people in the latest poll on Sunlive as of today 60% do not want it how many more polls do we have show you?

Back off now

Posted on 08-03-2017 10:24 | By The Tomahawk Kid

So, the council are now entering the private business arena! It should not be the councils business to provide cafes, and performance venues. They cannot keep up with the essentials of a modern city, but now they intend to further dabble in the entertainment industry. When did they suddenly become experts in entertainment? not to mention food. An expensive disaster is eminent. Back off immediately and stick to REAL council business and let the experts and entrepreneurs gamble their own money in things they are far more qualified to be involved in than council will ever be.

Make up your minds

Posted on 08-03-2017 03:25 | By johnmcd03

I thought the people of Tauranga consistently voted against a museum - so when did you change your decision?

Absolute Bull ...

Posted on 07-03-2017 19:15 | By Murray.Guy

Absolute BULL, the statement ... Comprehensive work was carried out on the preferred location for a museum in 2005, but only two of the shortlisted 2005 site remain, Cliff road and the Civic Centre... Lies, lies and more bloody lies! The community has NEVER, NEVER been comprehensively consulted in regards the museum aspirations as pushed by a few! NEVER with an unbiased open mind blank sheet mindset. It was in 2007 that Tauranga City Council ignored, insulted the wider community spending a $1.5 million in rates funding an RMA process for a 'museum on a pier', only to be scrapped by the CEO Steven Town immediately following the Oct 2010 election. Mayor Brownless, please get the ship on to a course of integrity applied democracy.


Posted on 07-03-2017 19:12 | By overit

As much as I dont want a museum, if they push forward with it, put them all together. The cost would escalate up on the cliff.

here we go

Posted on 07-03-2017 18:57 | By astex

It looks like the people will have a museum whether they like it or not. Get ready for $3M dollar per year to be added to the rates bill to run it just like New Plymouth. Their people didn't want a museum either.

Or to really improve things

Posted on 07-03-2017 18:43 | By astex

How about we forget this nonsense and spend the money where it is really beneficial for the city. Upgrade the Turret Road fiasco.

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