Shark spotted off Papamoa shoreline

Joanne Burt believes the shark which she captured footage of today is the same bronze whaler which has been frequenting the shallows just off the Papamoa shoreline recently. Photo: Joanne Burt

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Papamoa local Joanne Burt and her family have a special friend, but it's unlikely they'll be inviting him over for dinner anytime soon.

That's because their special friend is actually a shark which they've spotted a number of times swimming in the shallows just off the shoreline near Motiti Reserve in Papamoa East.

Joanne thinks it's the same bronze whaler which a few locals have seen swimming in the area for a while now.

But this time around the shark was quite close, with Joanne estimating it was swimming at least five metres off-shore.

“When we see him we always call out ‘our friend's back again', and it's often when we're ready to go for a swim too. You'll spot him and think ‘oo, no I think I'll wait a bit',” she says with a laugh.

“He's got an area just out from our place where he circles around, and there must be a bit of foul ground or something as he feeds there quite regularly.”

But despite their numerous encounters, Joanne says she's yet to give the shark a name.

“I probably should give him a name. Maybe Jaws?”


Also spotted at the Main Mount Beach in the weekend?

Posted on 08-03-2017 18:59 | By Shocking!

Anyone know if was a Bronzey also spotted at the main mount beach in the weekend?and is there reassurance from experts that they are NOT a threat to us at all from anyone?

Great pictures.

Posted on 08-03-2017 15:45 | By morepork

It gives you pause when you see them this close inshore. Given that their natural food is being removed by the tonne, they are probably scratching to stay alive... Very bad for tourism, but there is something frighteningly beautiful about the way they move. What might you call a shark? "Jaws" seems a bit trite...what about: "Samantha"? (or "Sam" if it turns out to be male?). Dignified, yet friendly... :-)


Posted on 07-03-2017 21:24 | By namxa

A shark! In the sea! What next!?!??!?

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