Fines don’t solve problems

Re: ‘No carseats – no kids' (The Weekend Sun, March 3).

K Morland, fines are a complete waste of time. There's millions of dollars owed to Government departments in unpaid fines. Some ignoramus' collect them like other people collect stamps.

Fines don't solve problems. Education does. And calling CYFs, what in hell will they do? They can't handle the problems they already have. They certainly don't need more children to try and find foster homes for, simply because their caregivers are slack or don't understand the ramifications of not securing their children in a car.

Perhaps a video of what can happen to unrestrained babies or children in a vehicle during a crash, shown during ante-natal classes and giving a voucher for a discount on baby or child restraints would be a better idea.

Taking away a driver's licence won't make any difference. Some ignorant individuals will drive without one – hundreds do every day. They don't care and have no respect for anything or anyone else on the roads. But not being able to leave NZ when they have unpaid fines may wake them up.

I do feel cars and mobile phones should be confiscated immediately when a person is caught using their phone while driving. ‘No questions asked'. Sadly, I don't think this law is being dealt to by Police as much as it should be. Far too many drivers are using phones while driving.

S Gussey, Omokoroa.

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Posted on 12-03-2017 21:17 | By groutby

.... to your very kind thoughts toward these parents/"caregivers"... (where is the care?)...I agree fines will not solve the problem, Education as you suggest has been evolving for generations now and realistically no one listens do they?.."It's not me....It's not my problem"...recognise it?...until such time that people understand that it acually is..nothing will change..and with some people (many of which sadly are parents) this time will never come..and, it's not exclusive to poor parenting involving securing the young in their cars...

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