Putting the brakes on Waitangi speed

Waitangi, east of Te Puke. Image: Google Maps.

There's a proposal to put the brakes on in the tiny township of Waitangi on the eastern fringe of Te Puke.

The plan is to reduce the speed limit through Waitangi by 20km/h for safety reasons – from 70km/h to 50km/h.

The township sits on Te Puke Highway and the problem is it's growing up.

“Waitangi's becoming more urban and the traffic through the main road is increasing,” says the Western Bay of Plenty transport manager Alex Finn.

“The local school (Te Matai which is also known as Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Matai) is also on the main road, and with these things in mind reducing the speed limit is a logical step for improving community safety.”

The council is also proposing electronic 40km/h speed signs that activate during school drop off and pick up times. 

The signs would operate 35 minutes before the start of school and 20 minutes after school and display a 40km/h speed limit. The school can also control the sign for 10 minute periods whenever children are near the road outside the programmed times.

The proposal coincides with a range of safety-focused work being undertaken at Waitangi as part of the Te Puke Highway upgrade.

Works include restoring and resealing the road, new footpaths at the marae and from the school to the cemetery, improved road markings and new signage.

The council has talked to the school, local Iwi, police, NZTA and other key agencies regarding the proposal. Residents will notified by mail.

The amended speed limit proposal's open for consultation with the public today.

If supported the changes are expected to be installed at the end of April.



Ms P

Posted on 18-03-2017 21:06 | By Pania

Good Lord. Please 'whataplace' start by spelling Te Matai Road correctly.

Make as many motorists as possible use the toll road!

Posted on 17-03-2017 13:01 | By Floyd

NZTA and WBOPDC continue with their not so hidden attempt to increase toll revenues. Add to this the use of incompetent contractors, substandard traffic control and repeated failures (take a drive down Bell Rd to see a patched up new construction) they are both out of touch and seemingly incapable of being accountable for results.

Whataplace, why not Te Mati Rd

Posted on 16-03-2017 21:58 | By Murray.Guy

The NZTA and Council will prioritise, fund any initiative which further restricts the smooth flow of traffic on this 'alternative to the TOLL Rd', with little regard to validity, as a mechanism to encourage more vehicles to use the tolled highway. The design works through the town centre have the same agenda, just as did their attempts to reduce the maximum speed citing safety, despite the reality of reduced traffic.

Mt College

Posted on 16-03-2017 18:38 | By Johnney

Should be back to 70kph except during school hours

If it ain't broke, why fix it

Posted on 16-03-2017 17:36 | By Chapsmate

Once again the council 'experts' are intefering with something that is working. To the best of my knowledge, there have been NO accidents of note - so if it ain't broke, why fix it?

Te Ranga

Posted on 16-03-2017 10:32 | By whataplace

So if this school can have the speed limit reduced, why has Te Ranga school on Te Mati road, which is in a 100kph zone been told they can't have the speed reduced there??

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