Private jet on business

The Bombardier Global Express at Tauranga. Photo: Andrew Campbell

An unusual visitor arrived at Tauranga airport Thursday afternoon, a Bombardier Global Express on private charter.

The Melbourne based aircraft has been in the South Island and arrived in Tauranga from Wellington, on what is believed to be a business trip.

It's a big plane capable of seating 30-40 people if decked out normally. The number of passengers that arrive in Tauranga today is unknown.

The aircraft is owned by SG Aviation Pty Ltd, registered in October 2016, two months before the company took delivery of the brand new business jet.

It was expected to depart Thursday afternoon, possibly for Auckland.


Who cares?

Posted on 17-03-2017 10:52 | By groutby

...anything of importance out there?


Posted on 16-03-2017 20:25 | By simple.really

Justin Beiber ???

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