We need a city-wide referendum!

Re: ‘The building is perfectly useable' by Ken Evans and Tauranga Mayor Greg Brownlee's response (The Weekend Sun, March 10).

A man walked up to me today and said: ‘Congratulations on exposing the Tauranga City Council plans to demolish our administration building'. He said, “as I believe, the administration building is fine and just needs some repairs”.

“You know,” he continued, “this has happened before! TCC said they were going to demolish the Greerton Hall, because it leaked”. Being a builder he climbed a ladder and quickly found the leak. He told them how to fix it which they did. The Greerton Hall is still standing and working fine!

The councillors at that time and the ones we have today seem to be unable to control their staff who want to smash down everything and spend millions of dollars on new.
It has got to stop.I have written to the Minister of Local Government and plan to hold a city-wide referendum on the issue.   

K Evans, Tauranga City.

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Well done Ken

Posted on 18-03-2017 11:38 | By Captain Sensible

Good on you Ken. Trying to keep these elite bureaucrats honest is a full time job. They should hang their heads in shame. George Orwell saw it all those years ago....and it is still going on. They're always using someone else's money eh!

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