Parks and supermarkets

Why is the city cosying up to the grocery conglomerates? Why are ratepayers paving the way for Foodstuffs and Progressive Enterprises to get into Welcome Bay? I thought city councils were in the business of libraries, rubbish disposal, sewage disposal, water reticulation, bus services and the like.

But supermarkets? Why is Tauranga City Council sorting a site for a supermarket in Welcome Bay? I trust the council's time, resource and effort is being charged out at a fat market rate for the benefit of the ratepayer.

Does Welcome Bay want or need a supermarket? Let Progressive and Foodstuffs find out, let them pay for the process – it's to their commercial advantage.

The council's looking at converting some of our open spaces, our playing fields, our reserves and parks into shopping aisles because, apparently, there isn't a big enough and appropriate private site to accommodate a supermarket. Why is the council bending over here?  

And would the council sell the park or reserve, would it lease the land? Would it be gifted? This ratepayer would want to know, if a supermarket scored some prime ratepayer property on the fringe of the Welcome Bay commercial precinct, that the ratepayer would be the winner that the supermarkets stump up with another piece of developed recreational land ready for us to enjoy. Then what other ratepayer assets may be sacrificed in the interests of big business?

Steven Smith, Otumoetai.


A little clarity, a few thoughts

Posted on 19-03-2017 21:54 | By Murray.Guy

Residential zoned land has the most flexibility of use. Regardless of zoning a Recourse Consent process will be required. EG: Bureta's latest supermarket is on res A land and a consent required. The Council's involvement in this instance is precedent setting and frankly, quite amazing as it opens the doors. There is absolutely NO impediment to the private sector establishing a supermarket in the Welcome Bay area other than being 'commercially viable'. If it isn't commercially viable then it will be expected that it will be subsidized somehow by the ratepayer. Bit like the Council did for CBD developers (removed the need to provide parking, putting it on to ratepayers and motorists). Will a sports field be needed for a medical centre, a school expansion .... ? A supermarkets needs local and passing traffic, a commercial and or an industrial area. Welcome Bay is mostly local residential only.

@ Mr Smith...........

Posted on 19-03-2017 07:55 | By groutby

....I understand your concern in regard to the spending of our ratepayer money by TCC, but I think your concerns, at this stage are presuming that there will be great expense perhaps unnecessarily without actually knowing detail. My understanding is that we here in Welcome Bay and surrounds are being asked if we actually want a supermarket in the first place, and if so...where?...there is little or no planned commercial area in the district as I see it, and with the ever sprawling sub-divisions increasing the local population, it's only a matter of time before we have a supermarket, better still a new shopping precinct to cater for local demand. If I assume it is unpractical to bulldoze the current limited and dated shopping area, then a new area needs to be found. Retailers will pay handsomely to regain ratepayer cost no doubt..perhaps TCC could comment.

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