Tauranga rubbish being wasted

Tauranga’s rubbish habits are being surveyed.

A summer audit of Tauranga's rubbish shows that residents are wasting their rubbish - most of what is going in the rubbish can be recycled or composted.

Tauranga City Council environmental committee members heard this week the results of the audit, which involved a team of strong-nosed people going through rubbish bags and sorting the rubbish, show that about 70 per cent of Tauranga's rubbish can be recycled or composted.

Instead, it's being trucked to the Hampton downs landfill in the Waikato. Most of the divertible rubbish is household food waste.

The survey collected rubbish from bins as well as bags, with the results showing households using the bigger 240 litre wheelie bins are throwing out more recyclables than the bag and small bin users.

Council asked staff last year to find out how much of the Tauranga rubbish going to landfill, can be diverted through re-cycling.

“This is a significant piece of work. It establishes an accurate baseline for our community's waste habits and we'll be able to use this baseline to measure the effectiveness of any new services or changes to the waste facilities going forward,” says city council manager of resource recovery and waste, Rebecca Maiden.

“This is the first time Tauranga waste audits have been undertaken to this level of detail.”

More audits are planned for winter and autumn to establish a baseline across all four seasons of the year. The study is government funded.

When the audits are completed the council and community will need to consider its options for Tauranga rubbish.

“It's a sobering report,” says committee chair Steve Morris.

“It's my view that our current waste system is untenable and we will need to make a change. We are letting the environment down and we're slipping behind the rest of the country too.”



Posted on 29-03-2017 19:04 | By Capt_Kaveman

of ratepayers funds, its not council concern what people throw out but to have means to recycle it

Just a Joke

Posted on 29-03-2017 17:38 | By Taffy

The whole problem starts with the suppliers of any sort of recyclable material .Some plastic bags are biodegradable others are not ,then we have Grades1-5 and as alot of our collection in Tauranga take 1 or 2 ,however I suspect the whole lot just goes into the same pile.TCC get your house in order first.Here,s an example of their so called recycling.I took an old TV to the Maleme Station,If I wanted to recycle cost $30 but I put it through the normal tip so it cost,s by weight onlyabout $10

@By rogue

Posted on 29-03-2017 16:45 | By astex

Fully agree. I used to recycle in New Plymouth because it was free. No way am I going to pay for it up here. Make it free and I will do it again.

Short Memory

Posted on 29-03-2017 15:56 | By Really

Ohhh what a short memory councilors seem to have (less than a 3 year term I presume). Surely anyone would have expected that when recycling was stopped being collected as part of the weekly rubbish collection that it would end up in the rubbish.

here we go again

Posted on 29-03-2017 15:27 | By old trucker

I bet my bottom $ that TCC workers didn,t do this job, immm, (probably contractors) i could not imagine TCC so called workers with hard noses would dare to get dirty,would they name these people, how much did this all cost, i noticed a rubbish bin over flowing out near papamoa pk and save i did not see TCC staff pick it up for 3 days, my gosh we could save $thousands of $$$$ a year by tipping TCC upside down and getting RID of DEADWOOD,but me dont think so,my thoughts only Sunlive.Thanks for being No1 for NEWS,10-4 out.


Posted on 29-03-2017 15:14 | By Really

I have been harassed too many times from the recycling waste collector not taking away the bin for putting the wrong plastics or items into the recycling instead of the rubbish (didn't you know Tauranga doesn't recycle that!). Now I don't bother with recycling and no more harassment from the recycle collector. Maybe if it was clear what could and couldn't be recycled in Tauranga would make the difference - at the moment it is too hard.


Posted on 29-03-2017 10:38 | By overit

You have hit it on the head. Whakatane does this.


Posted on 29-03-2017 09:31 | By nerak

I'll wager the ratepayers will be asking how significant, how much. Looks to me like another justification of bums on seats. Yes, I read that the study is gummint funded, but we all know there will be a fund blowout. And Steve, we all know the current waste system is untenable, along with all the other TCC 'systems'. The thing is, what are TCC going to do, about anything?

How to fix the problem

Posted on 29-03-2017 09:21 | By rogue

Here's an idea, how about making rubbish collection part of the rating system like it used to be.A lot of councils around the country provide rubbish & recycling bins, subsequently people actually recycle.. also stops people dumping rubbish. Just drive around rural areas & look at the hotspots for dicks who dump on the side of the road.

Problem is...

Posted on 29-03-2017 09:03 | By simple.really

I understand that Tauranga is only able to recycle 1 and 2 plastics, whereas other cities recycle ALL plastics. The biggest problem is trying to read the recycle numbers on containers! I'm under 40 and struggle to read the numbers. The numbers are very small and visually hard to read.

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