Memorial Park trees get chop

Three non-native trees behind the pump station are to be felled. Photo: Supplied.

Three Memorial Park trees are to be felled this week.

But they’re not native and are in poor condition, says Tauranga City Council project manager Steve Wiggill.

The trees behind the Memorial Park pump station will be felled this week as part of work on the Southern Pipeline harbour crossing installation.

“It’s always a last resort to remove trees for a project, so we usually undertake compensation planting in the same location.

“However due to the location of these non-native trees and their poor condition, Council believes the city will benefit more by putting the $5,100 of replacement costs towards other tree related initiatives,” says Steve.

Funds set aside for compensation planting as a result of the removal will be donated to other tree projects around the city.

Council’s Parks and Reserves team will decide which tree project the funds will go towards later in the year.


How about ...

Posted on 12-04-2017 17:18 | By Murray.Guy

These are trees that in the absence of any shade structures at our cities ONLY ’destination children’s playground’, are important and being non-native is irrelevant. Is there are reason why replacement trees cannot be planted at Memorial Park? Skip the ’donation’ rhetoric with trees to be planted elsewhere at staff discretion, as it is NO donation as it is a direct cost against the pipeline project, and how about involving children in the choice and location for replacement! Set up an easyup tent on a Saturday and ask, with a few sample trees on site!

golly gosh

Posted on 12-04-2017 16:31 | By old trucker

Isnt funny how TCC say that trees are in poor condition and cut down, what about that huge tree causing concern at that Motel on Devonport road that wanted TCCto remove (BUT) found EXCUSE to leave it, all is not fair at TCC to help these people with tree problems, trees are not always the problem, (all TCC staff) are a problem and need PRUNING back to reasonable size, EG,. 600 to 200 and thats not enough, i understand that it (TCC) is run by kids, my thoughts only,Thanks for being No1 in News Sunlive,especially in this terrible weather, keep up the awesome reporting,always remember, they still make lights and raincoats,Thanyou, 10-4 out.

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