Thursday kerbside collection postponed

No rubbish will be collected today or tomorrow.

Both Tauranga City and Western Bay District councils have decided to postpone their rubbish collection with high winds and heavy rain forecast for the region.

In the Western Bay, Te Puke, Rangiuru, Oropi and Pyes Pa's kerbside rubbish collections are cancelled and will now be picked up on Sunday.

In Tauranga, rubbish due to be put out today will now be collected on Sunday.

As usual, there is no kerbside collection on Good Friday. The Friday kerbside collection will be picked up on Saturday.  

Transfer stations will be closed all day today and all day tomorrow. The closure applies to all users including public and commercial operators. 

“We are concerned that bins and bags out for collection and the collection vehicles themselves could pose a hazard to the public if wind gusts reach 150km/h as predicted," says Tauranga City council Resource Recovery and Waste Manager, Rebecca Maiden.

"Additionally, for these reasons the transfer stations will also be closed to the public and commercial operators."


Moturiki Island and all of the Mauao base track is closed for public safety due to large ocean swells. 

Staff will assess conditions over the coming days and reopen both locations at the earliest safe opportunity. 

“When the swells get this high there's a real possibility of people being swept away. There's also a risk of further slips and instability on one slope on Mauao over the next couple of days, depending on rainfall,” says Parks and Recreation Manager, Mark Smith.

“While we haven't closed the summit tracks, we're recommending that people avoid Mauao, Moturiki, and the beaches around Tauranga until ex-cyclone Cook has passed. It's best to stay inside and avoid travelling wherever possible.” 

Please avoid coastal areas, including Mauao over the next few days.

Summary of other activities


A section of Grenada Street in Papamoa, between Sandhurst Drive and Hibiscus is closed as a precaution against flooding. Likely to remain closed Thursday and will be reviewed on Friday.


No issues to report at this stage. Standard heavy rainfall protocols underway to clear known hotspots. 

Given the previous rain events, the forecasted weather for Easter, and the impact on water quality from land run-off it is recommended that people avoid swimming in rivers, streams and harbour areas for at least 48 hours after any rain event.


No issues to report at this stage.

Water Supply 

No issues to report at this stage. 



Posted on 13-04-2017 11:59 | By Hot stuff

It makes sense to do the Thursday bins on Saturday and the Friday ones on Sunday , as the Thursday ones will be full anyway . Do you work for the Council ?

Who is the idiot?

Posted on 13-04-2017 09:31 | By CC8

If you look around today the bins are all out anyway, because although the council made a decision , this is the first the public has heard about the bins are out and everybody has gone to work.....BLOODY STUPID is the council , IDIOTS ? Council yes Hot Stuff no , Warwikk , maybe !!! go outside and get a look, you may well find bins blowing down the street.

Who is an idiot?

Posted on 13-04-2017 09:01 | By Warwickk

Not sure who the IDIOT above is but seems logica tomel that if Good Fri collection is on Saturday then a postponed Thursday has to go to Sunday. So quick to abuse aren't we.


Posted on 13-04-2017 07:52 | By Hot stuff

Why not pick up the bins from Thursday on Saturday and the ones from Friday on Sunday, it's not rocket science but honestly I think some of the people that work these things out are just plain thick

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