Government of the people, by the people

Thinking ratepayers will now be aware that the Western Ward ratepayers are not against libraries. Our main theme is ‘living within our income' - and within our long-suffering ratepayers' ability to pay ever-increasing rates.

Councils claim new libraries will not cost ratepayers more is, in my opinion, not correct. We all know that the accounts council intends to draw from are nearly all existing lines on our rate demands.

So if these accounts are too flush, reduce them and look at freezing our rates.

Ratepayers are not fools - keep our existing library, extend the end if you have to, but give rate relief to our long-suffering public.

Pre-election the mayor made a promise to work from the bottom up. Let's insist he sticks to that. We are waiting - the library is the test.

I've had many visits from people in tears, who know we are one of the heaviest-rated council in the country,and feel they must leave the district they love because council - in their opinion - are not listening.

That is sad - and that is why I'm still here battling.

A few councillors know the issues, and feel for those suffering, but they need support in council by deep thinkers that recognise the issues.

Leave egos aside, and let's have government of the people, by the people, for the people. I'm not holding my breath, but will keep hoping.

N Mayo, Katikati.


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