Evacuations of Tauranga & Te Puna West

Large swells at Mount Main Beach.

It appears Cyclone Cook has made landfall in Tauranga, bringing high winds up to 150km/h, heavy rain up to 40mm/h and high swells with a storm surge of up to 2.5m along the coast.


High tide will be 9.11pm. The high tide is likely to affect low lying areas including along streams, rivers and estuaries.


Self-evacuations for low lying areas in Tauranga City and Te Puna West


People living in the following areas of Tauranga City are now being asked to self-evacuate:

  • Inner Harbour and Pilot Bay

  • Harbour Drive

  • Strange Grove

  • Beach Road

People in the Te Puna West area, particularly Matahiwi Road off Snodgrass Road are also asked to evacuate. In general if you live in any low-lying area around Tauranga Harbour, please evacuate.


Residents should self-evacuate with their pets, to friends or family in other areas. They should avoid driving long distances if possible, and take their get-away kits: medication, warm clothing, water and food for three days, basic first aid supplies and important documents.


If residents do not have a safe place to go to nearby, they can find shelter at Matua Hall: 110 Levers Road, Matua or another centre.


Find a list of all open community led centres / welfare centres at http://www.westernbay.govt.nz/our-council/news/Pages/Information-for-residents-ahead-of-the-next-weather-event.aspx and http://www.tauranga.govt.nz/news/severe-weather-event-information-for-residents.aspx


Reminder that the welfare centres will only be able to welcome pets if they are in a cage.

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Nothing to see

Posted on 13-04-2017 19:21 | By maildrop

How many self evacuated? I would like to know tomorrow when this "once in a generation storm" has passed. I suspect not many if any. Completely predictable crap fed to plebs by the media. No doubt there may be a few flooded spots but a complete overreaction as usual.

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