NZ is changing to a third world country

Interest rates will be on the rise according to the bean counters, so how many are going to be able to survive, and buy food and other essentials that we all need?

It was mentioned that most people in Tauranga are unable to buy their own home because their income is just not enough. The rental market is also a problem for many.

The question has to be asked who is going to provide the accommodation for thousands of people in this area? In days gone by, a strong message would be forthcoming from the churches to any injustice that could cause harm to the public, the young and old in particular.

The next generation of children need to be protected, especially having a home and proper food for them to have a chance in life.  One gives money to The Red Cross for overseas problems like a lack of food. New Zealand - the land of milk and honey - needs a foodbank just like a third world country?

R Chamberlain, Otumoetai.

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Posted on 21-04-2017 16:15 | By maildrop

If so many are unable to afford to buy a house, why have prices gone up so much? The supply has been fixed but the demand has driven up the price, so there are clearly many that can "afford" to buy. That said, they should have factored in inevitable interest rate rises. I suspect many have not but they can always turn to their baby boomer parents who are the generation that have had the best of all worlds. There will never be a generation as wealthy as them again, so it is only right that they bail out the current generation. Or the mega wealthy churches could if they wanted to, yeah right.

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