Machete used in United Video robbery

Do you know who the hooded figures in this CCTV image are?

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Tauranga Police are turning to the public to help them identify the two men who robbed United Video armed with a machete.

The incident occurred at about 7.35pm, on Tuesday.

Detective Kevin Shields of the Western Bay of Plenty CIB says a small amount of money was stolen, including a couple of bags containing coins.

“We are actively looking for two male offenders both described as having a solid build.

“They are pictured in the attached CCTV images and one can be seen carrying a large wooden-handled machete." 

Video released to SunLive shows the offenders making a beeline for the till behind the counter and the store attendant co-operating to get the offenders out of the store as soon as possible.

The first offender was wearing a grey hooded top pulled over his head and white-soled running shoes. He was also wearing white gloves.

The second offender was wearing a white scarf over his head and a dark blue puffer-type jacket. He was wearing green cammo-style pants and blue and white running shoes.

“We are seeking any information which may assist us in our investigation, including reports from witnesses.” 

Information should be shared with Tauranga Police Station on (07) 577 4300.

Alternatively, information may be shared anonymously with Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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That poor assistant

Posted on 04-05-2017 12:58 | By Sandy Fordyce

I really feel for the shop assistant who had to go through that ordeal. It looks like she did everything correctly, but gosh that would have been scary. I hope that the two thugs are caught and that they don't just get a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket. They went in with a weapon for Goodness Sake. It doesn't matter whether it is a dairy or gas station or video shop the assistants that are on duty don't deserve to ever be threatened. I hope she is able to get a replacement phone as it looks like they took her one. Stay strong lovely lady.

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