Sunrise photo wins People’s Choice

People’s Choice Award winner ‘Papamoa Log Sunrise’. Photo: Karl Tretheway.

One of the Trustpower Photographic Exhibition's 20 finalists has received extra recognition for his work.

Karl Tretheway won the People's Choice Award, decided by public vote, for his photo ‘Papamoa Log Sunrise'.

The amateur photographer and professional builder says he's ‘stoked' with the award, after earning Highly Commended in the initial judging.

“It cements the reason why I get up at the times, I do to catch these sunrises. I think this one was taken at the start of December, so it was about quarter to six.”

Although he has quite an advanced camera, Karl says the trick of a good photo comes down to how you take the picture – getting just the right angle, for instance.

He has a real passion for nature, too.

“Landscapes are huge for me. I love chasing waterfalls, going out into the places people don't normally see.”

Entering the competition was a way for him to find out how he compared to some of the other great photographers in the region.

“I just wanted to see where I stood, I suppose. Obviously there's quite an awesome group of photographers in the Bay who take some wicked landscape shots.”

Karl says he would be keen to pursue photography further as a profession, although it can be a crowded market these days – everyone with a phone or camera is a ‘photographer'.

“I'd love to be doing it more often than what I do, that's for sure.”

Nicola Younan, who cast a vote for the People's Choice Award, also won dinner for two at a Downtown Tauranga restaurant of her choice.

Although she lives in Auckland, she says she often comes down to visit her parents, with her mother Anne Scantlebury among the finalists in the exhibition.

“It was pretty exciting – we don't really win anything,” she says.

“The exhibition was really cool. It was great for people to have a chance to vote for their favourite as well. Judges might be looking for technical things, whereas people just tend to vote for what they like.”


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