New structure proposed for IRD

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Inland Revenue's transformation has entered a new phase with the opening of staff consultation on the implementation of a new structure for the department.

The new structure sees much of Inland Revenue reorganised into three new groups – two Customer and Compliance Services groups, and the Information and Intelligence Services group.

Making up the two Customer and Compliance Services groups will be one for individual taxpayers, families and micro business customers, while the other will be for small, medium and significant business taxpayers.

The consultation focuses on the proposed structure of the new groups, new roles, and the way staff may be transitioned into them. Consultation with all staff begins today. Staff will have the opportunity to provide comment on the proposals, with consultation ending on May 29.

Inland Revenue Commissioner Naomi Ferguson says there has been a comprehensive programme of communications about the changes at IR for the past year or so.

“A lot of support is being offered to staff to help them make the changes and be part of the new organisation, and we're investing a great deal in developing their skills and abilities to help them better serve our taxpayer customers.

“The proposed new structure is all about bringing IR closer to customers by organising our front line services around them.”

Naomi says IR needs to be much more closely aligned with both the domestic and business lives that customers lead, and this new structure reflects that.

“We're making these big organisational changes, along with our IT systems changes, to be sure that IR's people and processes deliver on our promise to make tax simpler and easier for New Zealanders.”


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Posted on 11-05-2017 23:57 | By The Caveman

Totally agree. However with a lot of the automated phone systems, as soon as the automated system kicks in, push " 0 ", without going through the "push this push that" and you will find that you will get answered almost without delay - the 0 by passes the push this push that, system.................

IRD restructure

Posted on 11-05-2017 13:58 | By PmaPrincess

Oh forever hopeful they upgrade their phone systems and put some real people on that actually answer the phone instead of having to push loads of buttons and then wait and wait and wait and wait for ages and ages and ages - until finally someone answers..... Or is that just too much to hope for and a dream....

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