Plea for Coronation Park grove

Coronation Park’s inconveniently placed historic grove. Photo: Google Maps

The currently favoured site for the proposed ‘iconic' tourism centre in Coronation Park Mount Maunganui will destroy the grove of trees the park is named after, says tour operator John Mathieson.

The unique grove of New Zealand native trees planted near the corner of Nikau Crescent and Maunganui Road, to celebrate the founding of the park back in 1937.

The land of Coronation Park reverted from railway workshop use to Crown Land at a time coinciding with King George VI's Coronation In 1937, says John. Which is why the park was named Coronation Park.

“The planting of the unique native tree grove and the Pohutukawa trees on the northern side of the Park was made to commemorate the occasion,' says John in his annual Plan submission to Tauranga City Council.

“Some of them are out the front. What do you proposed to do with those, chop them down? Goodness knows.

He suggested moving the proposed new I-site further along Maunganui Road to the middle of the park.

A basic Centre costing $4m or an "iconic" Centre costing $5m can only be justified if it Is located In a prominent, visible location, says John. Such a site exists on the Mount Maunganui Road frontage in the open area about halfway between the historic planting and the plantings to the north of the Park. This site would still be on the Bus route and provide parking along the full length of the Park frontage.

But that has been ruled out he says.

“That means of course that in terms of my submission that really if you have to rule out an alternative which we have suggested, then it only leaves site B. that means there's no choice.”

Site B is on the western side of Coronation Park in Salisbury Avenue, where the former I-site building still stands.

John's submission is supported by Forest and Bird and perhaps the Tauranga Historical Society, but he's unsure if the full membership was notified before his Tauranga city Council Annual Plan submission was made.

“There is no comparable planting of a grove of major notable native trees within the Town Centre or the wider Mount Maunganui area,” says John.

Proceeding with the new Visitor Information Centre in the confined corner of the park is inappropriate, says John. The area can be quite shaded, has restricted light and is subject to considerable ongoing leaf fall. There could be public opposition to this proposed siting

Notable New Zealand native trees forming the historic grove include: Kauri, rewarewa, totara, puriri, rimu, tarata, photukawa, akiraho.

The densely planted northern area is a dirty and unattractive place and perhaps the pond should be replaced with a waterfall or fountain, something more attractive.



Posted on 17-05-2017 19:36 | By waiknot

Call me a pessimist but letting cruise ship passengers walk out the gate past prospective tour operators before the isite gets a chance to fleece them will never do. What's the bet the new isite will be designed so that cruise ship passengers must walk through the isite first.

Chainsaw massacre

Posted on 17-05-2017 14:35 | By MOULTRIE

How dare Tauranga City Council consider demolishing the Mount Maunganui Information Centre without consulting the people of Mount Maunganui ! The existing site is so obvious. Tourists walk out of the port gate along the footpath past the existing information centre and cafe into downtown Mount. Once the lease on the cafe in Salisbury Ave adjacent to the existing information centre expires in two years time, then thats when a new information centre and cafe can be built on the existing site.The proposed main road site is a no brainer.Tourists will have to walk further, traffic on Maunganui Road will become more congested and fewer trees will be cut down.How do I know all of this, Well I live opposite Coronation Park !Wayne Moultrie.

Coronation Park - the Mount

Posted on 17-05-2017 14:13 | By PaulM

Why has nobody considered talking to the Police. Their position would be totally ideal as a tourist centre. We live across from them for some months recently and have to say that it was a most amenable situation.I assume it is historical being there - but as times have changed so a has this position - in a hurry a police car has to race down Maunganui Road with all the traffic there on narrow parts to get anywhere.I am sure that a deal could be done to create a new station say closer to the major roads they use in the southern part.We are full supporters of the Police.Leave the Coronation Park alone you Philistines.

Coronation Park

Posted on 17-05-2017 12:59 | By socantor01

If the trees are removed, then the park will have to be renamed. Its reason for existence will have disappeared.

Dessicration & Annihalation

Posted on 17-05-2017 09:12 | By maybelle

O shame on these planners thinking of chopping these trees down, surely a historic memoral planting. I think this beautiful stand of trees can be incorporated in with a new I-site building to make this a beautiful entrance for visitors visiting the Mount. What we don't need is more concrete jungle on one of the few spots left that have trees (and what a superb collection of natives).Welcome to the Mt.(N.Z), come wander thru the native, soak up some heritage and visit our information centre.


Posted on 17-05-2017 07:48 | By peecee09

Don't cut the trees down. Either use the old I site and redevelop it, or, shift the police and use their building. Or, build a new I site next to the old one.

the old

Posted on 17-05-2017 05:34 | By Capt_Kaveman

i site is posted on WORLD maps as the information center so hence thats where it should be, there TCC are out of touch with common sense

Oh Darn

Posted on 16-05-2017 22:03 | By astex

Sorry John but if they listened to a common sense suggestion it would be a first.

Stupidity on a grand scale

Posted on 16-05-2017 19:31 | By yikes61

Really, $4-5m for a visitor centre is justifiable? Whoever comes up with these ridiculous schemes, need to hang their head/heads in shame! Why do we need a visitor centre on a such a grand scale, for cruise ship passengers or passing through travellers/holiday makers? Why build on green space? How about a site behind old fire station which is a run down area and near exit to port. The Mount is overly populated and business/council are hell bent on polluting and destroying the town for money. If you need/want a visitors centre, strap a few containers together (to tie in with the port and hey, Christchuch made a success of it) and put it in an area that will not reduce one of our remaining green spaces (old info centre or even car park at the Mount to name 2) and cut this crap!

Posted on 16-05-2017 19:22 | By groutby

We need to seriuously take a look at the meaning of the word.."Iconic"....just because "it" (whatever it is, the proposed unbelievably expensive cycle bridge at TePuna perhaps?) has had a shipload of money thrown at it, or it's "proposed" popularity or interest is noted within the wider community, most certainly does not make it automatically "iconic". As our "dumbing down" process proceeds with exponential speed, such words become less meaningful also. "Awesome" is another, there are of course many others but we now appear to use them without a second thought. Such "Icons" are generated over time and with ongoing futuristic popularity and become "famous" as such...this is "Iconic". What a "material" way of thinking we are moving into.

This is terrible

Posted on 16-05-2017 19:19 | By old trucker

Golly gosh this is HORRIFIC TCC for goodness sake just leave it, The STRESS you cause people and paranoia, whats wrong with the little one you had,gosh there is one in car park main street, this is BLINKIN STUPID IDEA,you are being BIG BULLIES and need to be bought into line, it says the area is dirty and un attractive place,WELL get the people on DETENTION TO CLEAN IT OUT for gosh sake, its BEAUTIFUL THERE, DO you notice there is not one TCC council persons name about this in story,all these suit wearing BLUDGERS that try to tell us what they want and get a fat pay,and dont give a toss about what other people say (US RATEPAYERS) $5 million for some new BAUBLES, MR MAYOR where are you, you said you would listen to us and CURB SPENDING, but NO, Sunlive Thankyou 10--4.

Save the trees

Posted on 16-05-2017 19:07 | By overit

Why not not work around them, they were planted for a reason (the Kings' Coronation)- I bet whomever planted them never imagined they would be cut down in the future. The other trees went because of some phobia about sexual attacks. Keep the trees, uplight them with colour. Isn't this the image we try to sell to visitors, a clean, green NZ. We all know it ain't so clean but its still green-JUST. Leave the beautiful trees after all we need them for oxygen and for aesthetics.

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